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New products at GreenFingers

by John - September 14th, 2010.
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New lines today at GreenFingers

Solar Buddha Light
Solar Buddha Light £24.99
Bring a little peace harmony and relaxation to your garden with this beautiful Buddha Solar Light especially at night when it automatically lights up from its twin solar powered cells. Cast from bronze effect rustproof ABS this replica Buddha will enhance your garden.Easy to install no wiringBuilt-in solar powered lightSafe and waterproofPosition in a sunny spot to charge the internal battery during daylight hoursDimensions: 24.5 x 21.5 x 28.5cm highWeight: 2.46kg

Henri Studio - The Secret Garden Gazing Fairy Garden Ornament
Henri Studio – The Secret Garden Gazing Fairy Garden Ornament £19.99
Created by Evelyn Myers Hartley this Secret Garden Gazing Fairy Statue has delicate butterfly wings and a contemplative pose. Always enchanting this magical creature makes a fine addition to your surroundings. Manufactured from resin with a faux stone finish she will not crack or chip making her suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Charming and collectible this fairy statue makes the perfect gift for fairy lovers
Stone and Decking Cleaner
Stone and Decking Cleaner £12.99
This environmentally-friendly super concentrated cleaner not only removes dirt and grime but also unwanted green or slimy residues on masonry and wooden surfaces. It then leaves an invisible protective barrier that protects against dirt and algae for up to 12 months.Use only once a yearNo need to scrub – simply dilute with water apply and leave to dryOdourless (with no bleach or acids) Non-toxic completely safe for humans pets and plantsThis 500ml concentrate makes five litres of solution to give up to 50 square metres coverage.Size: 500ml
Lawnmower Brush
Lawnmower Brush £9.99
This brush is specifically designed to clean lawnmowers which quickly get clogged up with mud moss and grass cuttings. It is shaped to reach right beneath the cutters and into grooves and is suitable for all lawnmowers with accessible blades.Saves time and moneyTough nylon bristles and wooden handleDimensions: 33cm highWeight: 138g
Decoy Heron
Decoy Heron £14.99
A garden ornament that is a harmless yet effective deterrent to other herons and birds. This realistic decoy heron is made from heavy duty plastic beautifully painted in natural colours and is fitted with a detachable fitting stake. Herons are lone predators so placing a decoy heron at the side of your pond should deter the real thing.A popular choice for pond owners.Hardwearing and durablePractical and attractive. For the best results in deterring a heron with this decoy you should move it to different places around the pondDimensions: 72 x 43 x 130cm highWeight: 1.09kg
Jet -A-Way Broom
Jet -A-Way Broom £25.99
Made from lightweight tubular steel this Turbo Jet broom simply snaps onto your garden hose to create a 72.4cm wide
5 in 1 Weather Station
5 in 1 Weather Station £10.99
Monitor localised weather the traditional way with this manual 5 in 1 weather station. It comes equipped with a thermometer wind direction indicator wind speed indicator rain gauge and a total season rainfall tracker and is fitted with a handy screw bracket to allow flexible placement on vertical surfaces. Easily fittedShows temperature in both Celsius and FahrenheitPivots and points towards the direction that the wind is flowing Indicates the wind speeds up to 60mph or 80km/hMeasures up to 10cm of rainfall.Keeps track of the season
Telescopic Garden Paving Scraper
Telescopic Garden Paving Scraper £12.99
Made from steel and aluminium this scraper comes with two interchangeable tools that are ideal for getting right into the gaps between paving stones where moss and weeds can build up. The hook tool is designed to scrape out dirt and the brush tool will remove any debris in seconds whilst the telescopic handle makes for easy use without kneeling or bending down so preventing back or knee strain. Quick and easy removal of dirt soil and weeds Two interchangeable tools (supplied) Dimensions: 82cm highFully extended: 147cm highWeight: 440g
Sweep n Spray Garden Broom
Sweep n Spray Garden Broom £12.99
When connected to a standard garden hose Sweep ‘n’ Spray Garden Broom boosts ordinary household water pressure to a powerful stream driving away dirt and debris with ease. The 14 spray nozzles create a blast of water that is evenly distributed while the rugged nylon brushes attack the dirt. The unit is made from lightweight aluminium featuring an ergonomic handgrip.Ideal for patios wooden decking paving stone walls etc.Convenient on/off valve makes operation even easier and provides you with total control. Universal snap-on connector (supplied)Three ergonomic handgrips (supplied)Connects to any regular garden hose (not included).Dimensions: 32.5 x 11 x 151cm highWeight: 1.02kg

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