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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - September 19th, 2010.
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New items today at Dobies

Broom Prairie Flame Average Seeds 90
Broom Prairie Flame Average Seeds 90 £2.05
Quick-growing shrubs that will thrive in poor and dry soils, putting on a dazzling annual show, in shades of mahogany, crimson, purple, cream, yellow, plus bicolours. Height 120-150cm (4-5′). HS – Hardy shrub. Easy-to-grow shrubs that will thrive in any well-drained soil. Sow January-June, flowers April-July the following year. April-July the following year

Streptocarpus Dragon Mixed F1 Seeds (Cape Primrose) Average Seeds 50
Streptocarpus Dragon Mixed F1 Seeds (Cape Primrose) Average Seeds 50 £3.50
A vigorous-growing, British-bred variety with strap-like leaves and strong stems topped with blooms in a lovely range of colours and patterns. Ideal for greenhouses and windowsills. Height 15-20cm (6-8″). GP – Greenhouse perennial. Sow January-March, flowers August-October. August-October
Mini Vegetable Seeds - Turnip Tokyo Cross F1 Average Seeds 370
Mini Vegetable Seeds – Turnip Tokyo Cross F1 Average Seeds 370 £1.30
Delicious pure white, round roots. Harvest at ‘ping pong’ ball size for best flavour. The tops may also be used for stir-fry or boiling. Row 3m (10′). Award of Garden Merit. With our mini-vegetables even the smallest plot can yield a wealth of succulent, tasty produce. By sowing closely together in blocks or broad drills and cropping while young, you can fit far more into a small area. Sow end April-end July. Advised minimum distances between rows 15cm (6″). Ideal distance between plants in the row 2.5cm (1″). Sow direct into finely raked soil when conditions are favourable in spring, then at 2-3 week intervals until the end of July. Special varieties have been chosen which are particularly suitable for eating at a young stage when they are quite small. Eat them raw in salads, lightly steamed or used in stir-fry recipes. For best results you must ensure the soil is fertile and well prepared. Dig in garden compost or peat prior to sowing or planting and apply fertiliser between crops.HEALTH BENEFITS: Both roots and green tops may be used and are high in vitamin C (Anti-ageing, wound healing, decreasing blood cholesterol and prevention of infections. Assists the body in absorbing iron) and fibre. COOKING HINTS: Unlike many vegetables, turnips retain their nutrients well when cooked.
Agastache Liquorice Blue Seeds Average seeds 90
Agastache Liquorice Blue Seeds Average seeds 90 £1.45
Liquorice/bubblegum-scented foliage and impressive spikes of blue flowers that are loved by bees and butterflies. Thrives even in poor soils. Ideal for cutting! Height 60-75cm (24-30″). HP – Hardy perennial. Easy-to-grow. Can also be grown as an annual. Sow February-March under glass to flower September-October; sow April-May to flower June-September following year. September-October or June-September
Lettuce Tom Thumb Seeds Average Seeds 1400
Lettuce Tom Thumb Seeds Average Seeds 1400 £0.85
A small variety with crisp sweet and solid hearts. Excellent for small gardens. Row 15m (50′). Sow March-August. Summer butterhead variety. Maturing time approximately 10-14 weeks from sowing. Develops large well-folded heads and succulent creamy-yellow hearts. Sow outdoors from March-August at fortnightly intervals to ensure a regular supply. Sow in rows 30cm (1′) apart and 1.25cm (½”) deep and thin the plants to 23-30cm (9-12″) apart. For over-wintered supplies choose ‘Valdor’ and sow seed outdoors late August-early September. For growing in a greenhouse during winter choose the varieties ‘Rosetta’ or ‘Valdor’. HEALTH BENEFITS: Source of beta-carotene/vitamin A (For growth, healthy hair, skin, bones, teeth and eyes as well as resistance to respiratory infections) – especially darker green leaves. Reputed to have a sedative effect.
Cucumber Carmen F1 Seeds 5 Seeds
Cucumber Carmen F1 Seeds 5 Seeds £3.95
An ‘All Female’ variety which stood out in our 2007 trials. It exhibits good tolerance to cold weather and mildew and is resistant to scab and leaf spot. Ideal for second season or short season cropping, when disease can be a problem. Recommended for exhibition. Long variety. Maturing time from sowing 12 weeks. Sow singly on edge in pots under glass at 18-21