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Best sellers at Thompson and Morgan

by Sarah - September 28th, 2010.
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Best sellers at Thompson & Morgan!
What could you be buying and planting now – garlic can certainly be put in now – but for most gardeners now is a time to finish bringing in the summer harvest and start thinking about next year.
Collect flower seeds off the plants in the garden too . Poppies, peonies and lots of other flowers will be setting their seeds and about to drop them all over your garden! You can of course leave them to drop but you have less control about what comes up and in some cases you’re just feeding the mice! It’s good to save seed and start some plants off yourself in the spring. Especially so if you want to move plants to another area of the garden.
You should be thinking about manuring your vegetable patch or clay soil! Get some well rotted horse manure ideally and either dig it in, or leave a couple of inches on top over winter for the worms to help you with!
Start raking up the leaves and putting them into their own bin or bag. Don’t mix them in with the normal compost as they take too long to cut down. It’s probably time to mow the lawn one last time before winter and maybe neaten up any edges that have overgrown too.

Garlic : Grow All Your Own Collection 10 bulbs + 5 cloves
Garlic : Grow All Your Own Collection 10 bulbs + 5 cloves £19.99
Easy to raise and so good for you! Separate into individual cloves and plant just below the surface in late winter/early spring.Collection comprises 1 bulb each of the following autumn planting varieities:Albigensian Wight

Onion : Autumn Planting : Electric 2 packs
Onion : Autumn Planting : Electric 2 packs £5.79
Shiny red skinned, semi globe shaped bulbs with pink tinged crisp flesh ideal for salads or in stir fries. Overwintered and ready for harvest early July.Pack size: 250g when packed, sets size between 17-21mm (approx 50 sets), or 14-21mm (approx 75 sets),
Garlic : Autumn Planting : Chesnok Red 2 large bulbs
Garlic : Autumn Planting : Chesnok Red 2 large bulbs £3.99
Middle Eastern hardneck variety from Shvelisi in Georgia with attractive purple striping and a lovely, full-bodied flavour. Lovely choice for baking as it has a lovely creamy texture. Great for garlic bread!
Clematis Cirrhosa Var. Purpurascens 'Freckles' 3 young plants
Clematis Cirrhosa Var. Purpurascens ‘Freckles’ 3 young plants £9.99
This eye-catching evergreen clematis gives a much needed injection of colour to the winter garden, when few other plants dare to bloom. This is the earliest of the spring flowering clematis, with cup-shaped pink blooms freckled with maroon-red markings, t
Tomato : Losetto 1 packet (6 seeds)
Tomato : Losetto 1 packet (6 seeds) £3.49
An outstanding new cascading bush variety that has shown exceptional tolerance to the devastating late blight fungus in several trials over the past two years. Its determinate bushy habit with no need to side-shoot make Losetto ideal for hanging basket
Lathyrus Odoratus Fragrantissima 1 packet (35 seeds)
Lathyrus Odoratus Fragrantissima 1 packet (35 seeds) £2.69
Embraces the full colour spectrum from white, through all the pink shades, reds, blues, purples, bicolours, stripes and reverse bicolours – formula blended to ensure you get an even balance of colour. Fragrance too has been a priority, and some of the col
Strawberry : Patio Collection 1 planter +10 runners
Strawberry : Patio Collection 1 planter +10 runners £26.99
This collection contains 1 Stacking Strawberry Pot and 10 runners of Strawberry Irresistible: Stacking Strawberry Pot – Ingenious space-saving planting system for strawberries. The planter has 3 levels, providing vertical growing space for your strawberry
Strawberry : Irresistible (Em1294) 20 bareroot plants + 10 free
Strawberry : Irresistible (Em1294) 20 bareroot plants + 10 free £19.99
In recent extensive commercial trials T&M found Irresistible had the best flavour out of all the strawberry varieties tasted. Vigorous dark green plants will produce glossy, good shaped large berries with a large calyx and an exceptional sweet and juicy f
Tulip 'Red Impression' 30 bulbs
Tulip ‘Red Impression’ 30 bulbs £11.99
Spectacularly large and long-lasting blooms on tall, sturdy stems make this tulip a border sensation! Easy to grow, with superb weather resistance, they will return reliably year after year. Tulip ‘Red Impression’ looks fantastic planted in large groups w
Hardy Gladioli Mixed 20 corms
Hardy Gladioli Mixed 20 corms £14.99
The hardiest gladioli available! These tough little sword lilies are excellent for planting in groups where they will form large clumps over time. The beautiful hand-painted blooms of hardy Gladioli Mixed are carried on compact stems that won’t need staki