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New products at Garden Centre Online

by Sarah - September 30th, 2010.
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New products at Garden Centre Online

Hozelock Ultra Pro Hose 50m
Hozelock Ultra Pro Hose 50m £68.45
The ultimate hardwearing hose. An extra-thick, reinforced, crush-resistant hose designed for strength and long life. The extra-thick construction provides exceptional anti-wear characteristics. Choose Ultra Tough for heavy use applications. Key features Our best anti kink and heavy use hoseA special knitted re-inforcing layer provides exceptional anti kink characteristics. This is combined with two unique foamed layers that allow the hose to have exceptional durability, and yet remaiin flexible and lightweight This hose is lightweight and easy to manage – ideal for frequent use Diameter 12.5mm (1/2 inches ) Quality 6 stars Guarantee 20 years Wall Thickness 2.7mm Construction 4 layers of PVC + 1 layer of knitted polyester reinforcement PVC is guaranteed free of all heavy metals

Fairy Design Childs Wigwam
Fairy Design Childs Wigwam £64.99
This fairy designed wigwam is the perfect place that lets little girls get imaginative. A canvas wig wam printed with a candy striped outer and a fairy print groundsheet and inner. With built in tie backs to hold the door flaps open. Supplied with 10 metal poles and waterproof groundsheet. Height: 135cm Base 183 x 183cm
Cowboy Design Childs Wigwam
Cowboy Design Childs Wigwam £64.99
Children will love reinacting Cowboy and Indian scenes with this canvas childs wigwam. With built in tie backs to hold the door flaps open. Supplied with 10 metal poles and groundsheet (not waterproof) Height: 135cm Base 183 x 183cm  
Parasene Lawn Aerator 12 inches  (30cm)
Parasene Lawn Aerator 12 inches (30cm) £38.99
This rolling lawn aerator is spring loaded creating 150 slits per square metre which promotes a green and healthy lawn by allowing essential air to get down to the soil and roots, while improving drainage.
Hozelock Maxi 20 Automatic Watering Kit
Hozelock Maxi 20 Automatic Watering Kit £29.93
For the precise watering of either a hedge, with a length of up to 10m, or 20 container plants. Contains Pressure reducer, 15m of 13mm supply tube, 10m of 4mm micro tubing , 5 x 13mm wall clips, 5 x 4mm wall clips, 10 x 13mm stakes, 10 x 4mm stakes, 20 pressure compensating drippers and connectors.
Hozelock Sprinkler Soaker Hose 7.5m
Hozelock Sprinkler Soaker Hose 7.5m £15.32
This 7.5m sprinkler soaker hose offers a 2 in 1 solution to water irrigation. Placed one way up, the hose will act as an effective sprinkler, which will help you distribute the water where you need it most. When reversed, the hose will provide a soaking action to effectively saturate the ground around plants and shrubs. Key Features Perforated flat hose which produces a gentle sprinkler effect when used upright and a deep soaking action when reversed. Supplied with end cap and screw connector. Can be used in series when joined to another 7.5m sprinkler soaker hose. 10 year guarantee
Large Square Wire Netting
Large Square Wire Netting £9.99
Multi-purpose wired fencing ideal for garden enclosures and climbing plants. The galvanised wire fencing can be easily bent into position or cut to required size. Dimensions: 5 x 0.9m Square size 25mm
Hozelock Soaker Hose 15m
Hozelock Soaker Hose 15m £9.99
WHILE STOCKS LAST ONLY – LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE! The Hozelock 15m soaker hose is pourous, which allows the water to seep into the ground to effectively saturate the surrounding area. It’s great for borders and beds as you can curve it to the shape that you need to for accurate watering. If 15m is not enough length, you can join a series of the hoses together to create the ultimate water irrigation system.
30m Hose & Spray Nozzle Set
30m Hose & Spray Nozzle Set £6.99
This 30m spray nozzle set contains: 6 dial spray gun Female fittings Female water stop Threaded tap connector 3 ply polyester reinforced hose High pressure performance Flexible handling 10 year guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.