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Blackberries for your garden

by Sarah - October 8th, 2010.
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Blooming Direct has these blackberry plants available! Blackberrys are an a delicious fruit that can be turned into pies of jam! It’s an easy plant to grow and can sit happily in a corner of your garden or take pride of place in your fruit garden! They’re available as thornless plants which makes pruning and looking after them easier. Buying as an established plant in a 3L tub means there’s a good root system already and you get a strong healthy plant. Prepare your ground well, dig over to a good depth and incorporate some well rotted manure or garden compost. Plant the blackberry bush as deep as it was planted in the pot. Firm in and water well.
The canes are biennial! They’re easy to grow and only take a little attention when it comes to pruning. New canes grow one season and fruit the next year, after which they are exhausted and can be removed by cutting them off at ground level. If it’s fruited this year then cut it off when it’s finished fruiting!
They will do best in full sun where the fruit will ripen well. Pick when ripe and either use straight away or freeze!
They don’t take up a huge amount of room and will provide lots of delicious fruit. Blackberry jam is lovely and can be used with apple for making the best pies in the world!
Blackberries are a great addition to your fruit garden as the fruits are expensive to buy in the supermarkets. They are packed with vitamin C.
Fertilise in spring when new growth starts to show. Use manure as a mulch in autumn and keep the area weed free.
The bare root plants are delivered from February to April and need the soil ready to plant in when they arrive unless it’s snowy or frosty of course. They are cheaper to buy like this too, offering great value for money.

Blackberry Oregon Thornless
Blackberry Oregon Thornless £24.95
BRAND NEW INTRODUCTION We are delighted to be able to introduce a brand new large format thornless Blackberry. Supplied as an established 3 litre bush this Blackberry is ready to go straight into its final position ready to fruit very soon after planting. This is a very reliable & thornless Blackberry producing fairly large mid-late season fruits. It has decorative leaves with good autumn colour. Very useful for small gardens! Our price includes a courier delivery service direct from our tree & fruit grower to your door.

Blackberry Superstar x 5 plants
Blackberry Superstar x 5 plants £14.95
Blackberry remains one of the nation’s favourite soft fruits. You now have the chance to grow your own thanks to our fantastic new offer. Blackberry also has some wonderful medicinal properties and among the components of the Blackberry fruit are the following: malic and citric acids, albumen, vitamin C, pectin, sugars, niacin, flavonoids, anthocyanins. We offer FREE delivery on all orders!
Fruit Sampler Collection x 5 mixed plants
Fruit Sampler Collection x 5 mixed plants £9.95
Grow your own ‘pick your own’. Get a massive saving of 10% when you buy our soft fruit collection. Comprising 1 each of our high quality gooseberry, blackberry, blackcurrant, raspberry and white currant fruit plants this collection is guaranteed to give you enough fruit and variety to enjoy a wide selection of your own home made pies, crumbles and jams! We offer FREE delivery on all orders!