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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - October 10th, 2010.
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Suttons Seeds has these new items today

Garlic Sultop (Hardneck Type)
Garlic Sultop (Hardneck Type) £3.95
A superb, high-yielding hardneck garlic. Bulbs contain a large number of easy-to-peel cloves, which are red-skinned and have a delicious strong taste. 2 Bulbs (12-15 cloves per bulb).Plant our ‘hardneck’ garlics and you will get a delicious free bonus! Pick the mild garlic-flavoured scapes (flower stalks) when young and tender, and enjoy them as a gourmet vegetable in stir fries, sauces and other dishes.. Pack of 2 Bulbs. The sections, or cloves of each bulb should be separated and planted just below the soil surface from early November to late December. Space rows 15-20cm (6-8″) apart and allow 10cm (4″) between cloves. Lift and dry the plants, as with onions, once the foliage turns yellow in July. Full growing instructions included.. . . .

Garlic Arno (Softneck Type)
Garlic Arno (Softneck Type) £3.95
A first-class softneck variety whose ivory-white skins contain a feast of attractive pink cloves with a medium garlic flavour. 2 bulbs (9-11 clovers per bulb).. 2 Bulbs. Full growing instructions included.. . . . HEALTH BENEFITS: Can lower blood pressure, fat and cholesterol levels. Combats bacterial, fungal and viral infections. COOKING HINTS: Add garlic before cooking for a milder flavour, afterwards if you prefer it stronger! If you are a garlic fan, try also Garlic Chives which you can pick throughout the year.
Himalayan Poppy Seeds (Meconopsis betonicifolia)
Himalayan Poppy Seeds (Meconopsis betonicifolia) £3.29
Breathtaking flowers with delicate poppy petals of bright Cambridge-blue surrounding golden anthers. Needs well-cultivated soil. HP – Hardy perennial. Height 60cm (2′).. Average Packet Content 100 Seeds. Sow January-June under glass. Germination sporadic from 28 days. Flowers May-July the following year.. May-July. 51-60CM. . Ideal for beds and borders. Prefers full sun or partial shade.
Brussels Sprout F1 Crispus Seeds
Brussels Sprout F1 Crispus Seeds £2.99
Very well adapted to growing under stressed conditions, reliably producing good crops of smooth, dark green sprouts, that hold well. Pick from September to November. Club Root resistant variety.. Average Packet Content 35 Seeds. Not just for Christmas! If suitable varieties are chosen, fresh sprouts will be available for picking from September to early spring. (30-36 weeks maturity). Sow March-early April outdoors or in frames. F1 hybrid varieties produce a larger yield per plant of better quality. The sprouts also ‘hold’ for longer on the stem in good condition.. . . . HEALTH BENEFITS: Good source of vitamin C and fibre. COOKING TIPS: Cut cross on base of sprout and boil for minimum time.
Bean (Runner) Moonlight Seeds
Bean (Runner) Moonlight Seeds £2.99
Recently many people have had problems setting beans due to poor weather and a lack of bees. Moonlight produces masses of flowers that self-pollinate well, ensuring good set even in poor weather, and a bumper crop of delicious, smooth, stringless pods!. Average Packet Content 35 Seeds. Prolific, decorative plants thriving in well cultivated soils containing plenty of humus. Regular watering in dry periods will be amply rewarded by a heavy crop. Sow in April under glass or cloches, or outdoors in May and June. (12-16 weeks maturity). A packet of seed is enough for a double row of approximately 4.5m (15′).. . . . HEALTH BENEFITS: A good source of vitamin C, folate and iron plus fibre. CULINARY TIPS: Some vitamins can be lost so cook for minimum time only.
Beans (Broad) Statissa Seeds
Beans (Broad) Statissa Seeds £2.55
A high quality, disease-tolerant broad bean, producing a heavy crop of short, dark green pods filled with nutritious, tasty white seeds. Pick a few pods before the seeds start to swell, steam them, and eat them as mouth-watering mangetout!. Average Packet Content 45 Seeds. It is advisable to pinch-out tips of plants when first pods have set to deter blackfly. Packet sufficient for a double row of approximately 3.8m (12½’). (12-16 weeks maturity.). . . . HEALTH BENEFITS: A source of vitamins A, C and E, plus protein and fibre. CULINARY TIPS: Cook pinched-out tips as a tasty alternative to spinach.
Pumpkin F1 Becky Seeds (Cucurbita)
Pumpkin F1 Becky Seeds (Cucurbita) £2.45
An outstanding variety, producing excellent yields of delicious, medium-sized orange fruit. Great for cooking or carving out for Halloween!. Packet Content 20 Seeds. Sow April-June under glass (18-22 weeks maturity).. . . . HEALTH BENEFITS: High in vitamins B1 and E. CULINARY TIPS: Ideal for soup or pumpkin pie!
Cabbage (Savoy) F1 Serpentine Seeds
Cabbage (Savoy) F1 Serpentine Seeds £2.45
A first-class cabbage for summer/autumn harvest, producing medium to large green heads with good over-wrapping leaves. Grow at reduced spacing for ‘baby’ heads. Round savoy type.. Average Packet Content 45 Seeds. For use in late summer, autumn and winter sow March-May outdoors.. . . . HEALTH BENEFITS: A good source of vitamins A and C. COOKING TIPS: Use all the healthy outer, darker green leaves, as they contain most nutrients.
Brokali F1 Apollo Seeds
Brokali F1 Apollo Seeds £2.09
Produces a good crop of long green shoots, similar to sprouting broccoli. To get more side shoots, increase plant spacing and cut the main head. A cross between European broccoli and Chinese broccoli (usually called Kailan).. Average Packet Content 40 Seeds. Sow March-May (13-18 weeks maturity).. . . . HEALTH BENEFITS: High in vitamin C and antioxidants. COOKING TIPS: Ideal for stir-fries, steaming or salads.