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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - October 15th, 2010.
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New products added today at Suttons Seeds

Bumper Easiplant Flower Collection
Bumper Easiplant Flower Collection £29.99
Fill your garden with flowers in a matter of weeks … at a fraction of the normal cost! This bumper easiplant collection gives you a total of 9 different items (aster, cosmos, dahlia, gazania, marigold, nicotiana, rudbeckia, salvia and stock) in one quick and easy delivery. Simply pot them on for a few weeks and then enjoy a summer-long display of colour, variety and fragrance in borders or containers! What could be easier? Order now and save an incredible £32.92 on the individual prices of these items – yes this collection really is less than half price! And if you need pots for growing on, see our special collection of 180 pots code 580931, saving a further £8.00 off the normal price.. 180 Easiplants (20 each of the 9 varieties) – SAVE £32.92!. Full growing instructions included.. . . .

Telescopic Fruit Picker and Adjustable Pole
Telescopic Fruit Picker and Adjustable Pole £22.95
The easy way to pick those fruits that are just out of reach. Simply ease the ‘fingers’ of the picker head around the fruit stem and with a gentle tug it drops into the collection bag with no bruising.Adjustable telescopic alloy pole gives an ultimate reach of up to 5m (16′) (including user height). Sturdily made yet lightweight and easy to use.Note: Other easily interchangeable heads are available to fit the same pole from our sister company Ferndale Lodge.. . . . . .
All Season Potato Collection
All Season Potato Collection £14.99
This All Season Collection contains 5 varieties to provide tasty crops throughout the season, all ideal for container or garden growing, (1kg of each variety):Accord – A high-yielding potato producing uniformly-shaped, oval tubers, with tasty creamy-white flesh. Good resistance to common and powdery scab. Uses – new, boil, steam, chip or saute. First Early.Maris Peer – A familiar second early producing a large crop of round, small/medium white-fleshed tubers that are waxy and tasty. Uses – new, boil, steam or chip. Second Early.King Edward – This old favourite needs good soil to do well and crops are more modest than some but it’s well worth growing. Uses – boil, steam, mash, chip, saute, bake or roast. Maincrop.Charlotte – A lattish first early, producing good crops of medium sized oval tubers that are waxy when young and perfect hot or cold. Good blight and scab resistance. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Uses – new, boil, steam or saute. Salad Type.Desiree – A firm favourite which boasts fine flavoured pale yellow flesh. It can become very large and slightly mis-shapen, but is nevertheless very versatile. Uses – boil, mash, chip olr saute. Maincrop.. 5kg Potato Tubers (1kg each of five different varieties). . . . .
Bargain Patio Potato Growing Kit
Bargain Patio Potato Growing Kit £14.99
Grow a bumper crop of delicious potatoes on your patio with our Bargain Patio Potato Growing Kit. Nothing beats the taste of home-grown potatoes! The kit comprises 3 tough, woven polyethylene Potato Planters – 45cm (18″) high x 35cm (14″) wide – and 6 tubers each of three specially selected varieties of potatoes ideal for growing in them. So you can look forward to a bumper harvest in the smallest of places from as early as June onwards. Each potato planter provides up to 4kg (9 lb) of tasty potatoes! Potato varieties: Rocket (First Early) – Grow this very early variety for the first new potatoes of summer. Pure white flesh which is quite soft and waxy and gives heavy crops. Delicious with mint and a knob of butter; Charlotte (Salad Type) – Classic salad potato against which others are judged! Matures as a latish first early, producing good numbers of medium sized tubers with a very fine flavour. Very waxy when young and perfect hot or cold. Good blight and scab resistance; Vivaldi (Second Early) – A highly sought-after variety, widely appreciated for its taste and texture. Produces high yields of attractive potatoes that are lower in carbohydrates and calories than other varieties, making it ideal for slimmers!We recommend 3 tubers per planter. Plus we supply extra tubers to plant elsewhere.Why not get 3 extra Planter Bags for just £5.00 more!Want to know how to use these planters? Then watch our video below, the technique is the same as the buckets used in the video.. Pack of 18 Potato Tubers (6 x 3 different varieties) + 3 Potato Planters. Full growing instructions included.. . . .

Traditionally used for cooking, Czar is also a good eater producing masses of large, round to oblong plums with blue-black skin. The flesh is absolutely delicious – fine textured and yellow – and very juicy with an outstanding flavour. It’s a reliable plum with good frost resistance, self-fertile and easy to grow.• Dual purpose plum, perfect for cooking or eating• Sweet flavour• Early cropper in late AugustThis variety is grafted on St Julien A rootstock which is semi-dwarfing, providing a medium sized tree of 2-2.5m (7-8′).. 1 Tree. Full growing instructions included.. . . .
Pear Williams Bon Chretien
Pear Williams Bon Chretien £14.95
Pear Williams is an utterly outstanding eating pear with all the flavour that you’d expect from a dessert pear. Probably the best known and most widely grown pear throughout the world, it produces large golden yellow fruits, extremely sweet and juicy with tender flesh. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.• Most popular dessert pear in the UK• Heavy crops in early September• Ideal for patio or smaller gardenPears are one of the easiest garden fruit trees to grow with very few pest, disease or other cultural problems. This variety is grown on Quince A Rootstock giving a tree with moderate vigour and encouraging pears to fruit at an early age. Height up to 365cm (12′) but can be pruned for the smaller garden.. 1 Tree. Full growing instructions included.. . . .
Cherry Kordia
Cherry Kordia £14.20
Cherries have plenty going for them – a beautiful flowering tree in spring, a wonderful harvest of exquisite, juicy cherries in mid summer followed by the delightful colours of the autumn leaves. The fruits are firm and deliciously sweet – all you want from a cherry! Taste panels across Europe have voted this self-fertile cherry as a top variety. Height up to 365cm (12′) but can be pruned for the smaller garden.• Ideal for patio or smaller garden• Bumper crops from July• Excellent flavourThis variety is grafted on Colt rootstock which gives a very productive tree with good fruit size, but compact growth so it can be grown in a small space, either free-standing or trained against a wall or fence.. 1 Tree. Full growing instructions included.. . . .

‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away!’ Sunset is a popular Cox-style apple, slightly smaller than average, a great size for kids to have a quick snack! An RHS Award of Garden Merit winner, Sunset is crisp and sweet-flavoured. This mid-season variety is self-fertile, which is unusual in apples, making it very easy to grow! Carefully chosen to guarantee great results in British gardens, Sunset is a definite winner for the gardener. Height 300-365cm (10-12′) but can be pruned for the smaller garden. Delivered as a bare root tree between 90-125cm (3-4′).• Heavy crops• Ideal for patio or smaller garden• Crops in October and will store up to December.This variety is grafted on M26 rootstock to produce easy-to-control, semi-dwarf trees with medium vigour – absolutely ideal for the garden, as you can easily reach to prune, spray and pick those luscious fruits!. 1 Tree. Full growing instructions included.. . . .
Beginner's Potato Collection
Beginner’s Potato Collection £12.99
4 particularly easy-to-grow potatoes. 1kg each of:Lady Christl – An excellent variety that can be dug around 8 weeks from planting. The yellow-fleshed tubers are firm and waxy, very tasty and ideal for exhibition. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Uses – new, boil, steam or saute.Kestrel – A cream-fleshed potato with a wonderful old fashioned taste, which absorbs less fat when it is cooking. Good resistance to slugs. Uses – boil, steam, mash, chip, saute, bake or roast.Maris Piper – A reliable general purpose choice producing cream-fleshed tubers that show good resistance to eelworm. Great beginner potato. Uses – boil, steam, mash, chip, saute, bake or roast.Charlotte – A lattish first early, producing good crops of medium sized oval tubers that are waxy when young and perfect hot or cold. Good blight and scab resistance. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Uses – new, boil, steam or saute.. 4kg Potato Tubers (1kg each of 4 different varieties). . . . .