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Price reductions at MowerWarehouse

by John - October 15th, 2010.
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MowerWarehouse has cut the price of these products

Einhell BG-PC 3735 Petrol Chainsaw Kit
Einhell BG-PC 3735 Petrol Chainsaw Kit was £149.95 now £99.95
The Einhell BG-PC 3735 Petrol Chainsaw Kit includes everything you need to get going with your chainsaw, including engine oil, Fuel/oil mixing-bottle, File and Cutter-rail cover. The saw itself is powered by a reliable two-stroke engine with an automatic choke, fuel-primer and an electronic-ignition for dependable starting with minimal effort; while its full crankshaft offers the sort of longevity normally associated with commercial-grade machines. Other features include an automatic chain-oiler, which ensures the correct levels of lubrication are maintained at all times; an anti-vibration system, which combines with its lightweight-design to make it manageable and easy-to-handle; and an automatic chain-brake, which brings the chain to a halt within a few milliseconds in the event of kick-back. Displacement: 37.2cm3 Chain-oil capacity: 210ml Fuel capacity: 310ml Bar length: 35cm Cutting speed: 19m/s Power: 1.2kW / 1.6hp Net weight: 5.7kg Gross weight: 8.5kg Packing dimensions: 585 x 290 x 300mm Standard accessories: – Fuel/oil mixing-bottle – 95ml two-stroke engine oil – File – Cutter-rail cover

Einhell RBK-4645 Petrol Chainsaw (45cm Guide Bar)
Einhell RBK-4645 Petrol Chainsaw (45cm Guide Bar) was £139.95 now £129.95
With its generously-proportioned guide-bar, powerful 46cc (2.7hp) engine and rapid chain-speed (16m/2), the Einhell RBK-4645 Petrol Chainsaw will make light work of larger logs. The engine is equipped an electronic-ignition for hassle-free start-ups and has a full crank for a very lengthy service-life. Features such as a hand-guard, an automatic chain-brake and a chain-catch all serve to maximise operator safety. Additional benefits include highly-effective vibration-system, which significantly reduces the strain placed on the user
Einhell BG-PL 26/1 Petrol Garden Vacuum / Leaf Blower
Einhell BG-PL 26/1 Petrol Garden Vacuum / Leaf Blower was £139.95 now £129.95
As with all Einhell products, the Einhell BG-PL 26/1 Petrol Blower-Vacuum offers a combination of innovation and superb German engineering at a very reasonable price. A key benefit of this high-specification machine is that it allows you to switch between blower and vacuum modes instantly, without having to mess around different nozzles and removing or attaching the collection bag. This premium feature can cost up to twice more on other manufacturers’ machines. Particularly useful during the autumn, the Einhell BG-PL 26/1 allows you to pile-up leaves in a fraction of the time it would take with a rake. Its built-in impellor reduces leaves and other garden debris at a ratio of 10:1, producing a useful mulch that you can spread on veg plots and flowerbeds. A ‘pre-separator’ has been incorporated, so you can safely vacuum harder, more woody material without fear of damaging the impellor. Other high-quality features include a huge 55l collection-bag, so you won’t have to keep breaking-off to empty it; and a shoulder strap, which combines with an auxiliary front-handle and lightweight design to ensure that operator-fatigue is kept to a minimum. Special offer: we are currently supplying the Einhell BG-PL 26/1 Leaf Blower / Garden Vacuum with a free Wheel-Kit, ideal for use on hard surfaces (driveways, patios, paths). – Switches between vacuum and blower-modes at the flick of a switch – Reduces leaves to a valuable mulch at a ratio of 10:1 – Huge 55l collector reduces the frequency of emptying-breaks – Lightweight and comfortable to use – Supplied with a free wheel-kit for hard-surface use – Free Fuel Mixing Bottle & oil 2-stroke engine: 0.65 KW / 0.9 HP / 25.4 cc Petrol and oil mix: 40:1 Air velocity max. (approx): 58.3 m/s Air volume max. (approx): 648 m3/h Fuel-tank volume: 0.8 l Collection bag: 55l Weight: 7.5 kg
Einhell BG-SC 2240P Petrol Scarifier
Einhell BG-SC 2240P Petrol Scarifier was £279.95 now £269.95
If you
Mountfield S461R-HP Hand-Propelled Rear-Roller Lawn Mower
Mountfield S461R-HP Hand-Propelled Rear-Roller Lawn Mower was £349.00 now £339.00
The Mountfield S461R-HP Hand-Propelled Rear-Roller Lawn Mower is powered by a reliable 150cc Mountfield RM45 engine and is equipped with a rear-roller for added stability and a classic striped finish. Its five-stage height-of-cut lets you tailor the blade position to suit the conditions; while its rugged steel-chassis provides a solid cutting-platform and ensures it

Billy Goat “”Little Billy”” Vacuum was £539.00 now £499.00
The Little Billy Vacuum as been a favourite tool of the serious hobby gardener for many years. Perfect for cleaning up your garden autumn leaves and all year round garden debris. Whether you
Mountfield S461R-PD/ES Power-Driven Rear-Roller Lawn Mower
Mountfield S461R-PD/ES Power-Driven Rear-Roller Lawn Mower was £568.99 now £539.00
Driven by a 150cc Mountfield engine with electric start, the Mountfield S461R-PD/ES Power-Driven Rear-Roller Lawn Mower will prove a great choice if you