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by Sarah - October 16th, 2010.
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Cutting the cost of Christmas, now with over 50 gifts under £15!

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Classics and Best Sellers

Christmas Cactus

Send a blaze of blooms that reignites each year with ever-increasing
fervour. This Christmas Cactus plant produces iridescent flowers that flare
from tiny bauble-like buds at the tip of each stem like a volley of fireworks
to celebrate advent.

This seasonal succulent remains lush and attractive all year round,
and grows into a magnificent arching structure over the years – some Christmas
Cactus plants can last 20 years! Why not make a lasting impression this Christmas?

1 plant Buy 2 and SAVE £2.00
Despatch: 1st to 24th December £14.99

Crocus in a Pot
T&M Exclusive

Give the gift of an early spring with this exclusive crocus planter.
Specially treated bulbs arrive ready to sprout and deliver a refreshing display
of cool winter white and warm purple tones.

Set in an elegant zinc pot, these favourite spring flowers make
a welcome appearance in the dead of winter, and can be transplanted into the
garden or patio pots.

11 Crocus Bulbs in Decorative Pot Buy 2 and SAVE £2.00
Despatch: 1st to 24th December £16.99

Cyclamen Victoria
T&M Exclusive

Rarely offered, Cyclamen Victoria is truly fit for a queen. Resplendent
in cool winter-white accented with a luminous pink eye and frilly edges, the
flamboyant blooms perch nobly above a skirt of shimmering, marbled foliage.

Bred by traditional open pollination methods, it’s arguably the
longest-flowering cyclamen plant of all and one of the most rewarding house
plants you can give.

1 plant
Despatch: 1st to 24th December £12.99

Gardenia ‘Snowball’

Add a little lustre to their Christmas with this sparkling gardenia.
It assails both the sense of sight and smell with its sumptuous pearlescent
blooms, glossy evergreen foliage and exotic perfume.

Resplendent in a silk wrap and bow, Gardenia ‘Snowball’ will grace
any home with a long-lasting display of opulent beauty and fragrance.

1 plant Buy 2 and SAVE £2.00
Despatch: 1st to 24th December £15.99

Hibiscus ‘Festive Flair’

Beauty beyond compare, this exceptional, long-life hibiscus will
bring weeks of smiles during the festive season each time it flowers throughout
the year.

Its decorative candle buds remain tightly closed for up to 14
days before swirling open into the most sumptuous red blooms up to 4-5"
across. Even the flowers last 2-3 times longer than traditional hibiscus plants
and its robust habit means that it can shrug off some neglect. Paired with a
luxury satin pot cover, Hibiscus ‘Festive Flair’ lends instant Christmas ambience
to any setting.

1 plant SAVE £5
Despatch: 1st to 24th December £18.99 £13.99

Hyacinth ‘Jan Bos’ Deluxe Basket

Blessed with such a divine perfume, hyacinths are guaranteed to
invigorate the spirit. Our deluxe baskets are crammed with fragrant bulbs, specially
treated to remain compact and provide weeks of pleasure. Choose from ‘Jan
Bos’ hyacinths or a cheerful combination of hyacinths and narcissus. As
a bonus, the bulbs can be planted outdoors in spring.

Seven bulbs planted in a 23cm basket. Flowers approx 2-3 weeks
after receipt.

1 ‘Jan Bos’ basket SAVE £5
Despatch: 1st to 24th December £24.99 £19.99

Hyacinth Traditional Basket

All the glitter and tinsel of Christmas can’t compare with the
sparkle and scent indoor hyacinths provide.

When the ground outside is frozen we really appreciate the simple
pleasure a basket of fragrant hyacinths can bring. Deceptively simple yet unerringly
stylish, our best-selling Traditional Hyacinth Basket represents excellent value
for money and is guaranteed to give sure results.

Tucked inside our exclusive, hand-woven basket are five energy-packed
Hyacinth ‘Pink Pearl’ bulbs, specially coaxed to flower throughout
the Christmas period and into the New Year. In no time their compact stems will
be a frenzy of pink, filling a room with their unmistakable fragrance. The essence
of Christmas past and present.

Bulb size 16/17, planted in an exclusive 16cm hand-woven basket,
top-dressed with green carpet moss. Hyacinths will flower approx 2-3 weeks after
receipt and can be grown outdoors after flowering.

5 potted bulbs SAVE £5.00. PLUS buy 2 and SAVE £2.00
Despatch: 1st to 24th December £19.99 £14.99

Mistletoe in Gift Wrap

Here’s a novel gift idea!

Fresh sprigs of mistletoe beautifully presented in a gift bag
and ready to hang. As traditional as sherry and mince pies, no home should be
without it!

2 sprigs in gift bag
Despatch: 1st to 24th December £9.99

Narcissus Tête à Tête

Bring a dose of springtime magic into the home with a basket of
sunny, miniature ‘Tête à Tête’ daffodils.

These sprightly flowers radiate a warm glow as they sit prim and
pretty atop slender stems in a gold basket, and release a sweet perfume that
floats in the warm air. The Narcissus ‘Tête à Tête’ basket
is delivered with the daffodils in bud to ensure maximum enjoyment from this
gift. After flowering, they can be planted in a favourite spot in the garden
for years of pleasure.

1 Narcissus Basket Buy 2 and SAVE £2.00
Despatch: 1st to 24th December £15.99

Orchid (Pansy) Miltonia Andy Easton

Despite their reputation as the divas of the plant world, orchids
are remarkably easy to care for. With the minimum of fuss, the outstanding perfumed
Pansy Orchid Miltonia Andy Easton puts on quite a show that lasts for weeks
at a time. Each stem sports a flamboyant parade of rapturous blooms up to 4"
in size!

A high-gloss pink pot cover adds the finishing touch to this exceptional
gift that will continue to delight for many years.

1 plant
Despatch: 1st to 24th December £29.99

Orchid (Scented) ‘Star Class’
T&M Exclusive

Take their breath away with the star of winter house plants.

This magnificent dendrobium orchid oozes glamour and elegance
and will add a sophisticated touch to any room. Dripping in opulent, pearlescent
blooms with a fantastically feminine fragrance, Orchid ‘Star Class’ will parade
its floral extravaganza for up to 15 weeks each and every year. Supplied in
a black cachepot, it’s an ideal Christmas gift for those who desire a
classy companion that isn’t high maintenance. Approximate height: 24 inches

1 plant in 11cm pot SAVE £9.20
Despatch: 1st to 24th December £29.99 £20.79

New, T&M Exclusive

Your family, friends and loved ones deserve the best so surprise
them this Christmas with this glamorous new plant.

With its fairytale name and fade-proof beauty, ‘Princettia®’
will remain a talking point for the longest time – in fact it’ll
flower for up to six months during the colder months of the year! Not to be
confused with the common poinsettia, this beauty has a compact habit, strong
stems, passionate pink bracts that cover the entire plant and isn’t fazed
by central heating or draughts. It’s so robust that in outdoor trials
it flowered valiantly in a patio pot right up until the frosts! Attired in a
fashionable satin bag, this floral gift is affordable luxury so why not order
one for yourself?

Despatch: 1st to 24th December £14.99

Rose ‘Gigi’
New, T&M Exclusive

Send a heartfelt ‘Happy Christmas’ with this outstanding
new rose.

Rose ‘Gigi’ is the result of years of skillful breeding,
her radiant red blooms uniquely splashed and speckled with white as if meticulously
painted by hand. Shimmering with seasonal sentiments in a stylish cachepot accented
with tulle, this floral tribute will be the pièce de résistance
of any home. Delivered in bud and eager to burst into fully double blooms that
are the epitome of love and beauty.

1 plant
Despatch: 1st to 24th December £14.99

Rose ‘Pearl’ Basket
New, T&M Exclusive

Everyone loves to receive roses; the ultimate floral expression
of love and affection.

Our miniature roses look utterly charming with their deliciously
fragrant pearly-white flowers tinged with a hint of green. This delectable fragrant
Rose ‘Pearl’ Basket is narrow enough to dress up a mantel or windowsill, or
grace a favourite piece of furniture with weeks of vibrant colour. Planted outdoors
after the frosts, their splendour will live on long after Christmas is but a

3 plants in basket
Despatch: 1st to 24th December