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Garden Gift ideas from Raw Garden

by Sarah - October 19th, 2010.
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RawGarden have lots of great gift ideas that you might want to look getting for Christmas presents for your family! These gifts offer you a great choice and are real bargains! They’re in Raw Garden’s clearance sale at the moment and mean you can grab a really fab bargain right now.
The gazing globe is particularly lovely and would enhance any garden. They’re perfect for adding an extra dimension, both in terms of reflection and adding light and sparkle into your garden. They are so shiny and perfect that you’ll want to include them in lots of areas. Lovely gift for someone who enjoys looking at their garden as a work of art!
The recipe books are perfect for anyone who loves cooking outdoors and the barbeque being a favourite for lots of people will be welcomed on to the family bookshelf as a much used reference.

The Tom Chambers Bird Stop is a great idea for increasing the number of birds you get in your garden. Easy to use and enjoyable to watch the birds will love this fantastic bird feeder station!
Garden lanterns allow you to enjoy the garden more as the evenings draw in, especially on those hot balmy summer nights when no one wants the party to end! The sky lanterns are a terrific thing to let off a party too – the chinese tradition is to write your wishes on the lantern and then they are carried sky wards when you light them. Beautiful to watch float away!

Love Heart Sky Lantern
Love Heart Sky Lantern £3.50
Let your love light up the sky with one of our Love Heart Lanterns. The perfect gift for Valentines Day. Made from flame-retardant, biodegradable paper, these safe and easy-to-use sky lanterns are the perfect way to commemorate any occasion and are make a more sentimental and less explosive alternative to fireworks. Just unfold the lantern, attach the wax fuel cell, light and watch it float away. In calm weather conditions your sky lantern will rise to over 1000m and stay up for approx. 20 minutes.Technical DetailsHeight: 100cmCircumference: 180cmWind range: 0-4mphFlame retardant paper with bamboo reinforcementWax burner fuel cellDo not use near coastline or under flight paths as lights can be mistaken for flares. All buildings should be at least 30ft from point of take off.Delivery usually within 1-3 working days by courier

Gazing Globe
Gazing Globe £5.99
Gazing Globes were all the rage with the Victorians, which they used to beautify their rose and herb gardens. Our non-tarnishing stainless steel Gazing Globes offer the reflective quality of glass without the potential for breakage in your garden.Delivery usually within 1-3 working days by courier
Pie Iron Recipes Cookbook
Pie Iron Recipes Cookbook £5.99
Explore the world of Pie Iron cooking with this best-selling book that features over 150 recipes. Delivery usually within 1-3 working days by courier
Weber's Fun & Easy Grilling Barbecue Book
Weber’s Fun & Easy Grilling Barbecue Book £6.39
Webers Fun & Easy Grilling Barbecue Book offers 50 original dishes, from gooey Camembert to flash grilled pepper beef wraps, plus suggestions for memorable marinades and succulent desserts – there`s enough here to give you a really great grilling experience. Full of great detail, which is always appreciated, and tips that really enhance and simplify your barbecuing.Delivery usually within 1-3 working days by courier
Weber's Sizzle & Swizzle Barbecue Book
Weber’s Sizzle & Swizzle Barbecue Book £6.39
Need to impress? Try Weber`s Sizzle & Swizzle book. Pan Asian, Latin, and Caribbean, American, Mediterranean and finishing with a Global Mix. All the recipes are accompanied by delicious cocktails selected to complement the dishes and making it impossible for your party to fail.Delivery usually within 1-3 working days by courier
Flame Disk
Flame Disk £6.99
Its a beautiful sunny day and the family are over for a BBQ…. uhoh…. youve been trying to get it started for ages but it just wont light! Save yourself the embarrassment of keeping everyone waiting with the new Flame Disk. Its easy to start one-match-lighting technique means you can begin sizzling your sausages within 3 minutes of lighting. It lasts for up to 40 minutes and it leaves no soot or ash, meaning no mess to clear up after. The Flame Disk will make for the perfect BBQ this Summer, and can also be used in your fire pit to keep you toasty during the Winter too. Sound like the ideal must-have accessory for your garden! SpecificationsEasy to transport and storeSimple one-match-lightingCools down quicklyNo soot, ash or cleaningCooks for 40+ minutesEnsures flame-grilled flavour90% fewer pollutants than charcoal and lighter fluid Delivery usually within 1-3 working days by courier
Silly Game
Silly Game £7.99
The Silly Game is great fun for the whole family. Throw the giant inflatable dice to find out how many spaces and in what silly style to move. Leapfrog, wheelbarrow, hop or forward roll around the course to race to the end. Played as individuals or as a relay race in teams. Contains two giant 45cm square inflatable dice and three marker cones to lay out a course. Delivery usually within 1-3 working days by courier
Tom Chambers Bird Stop
Tom Chambers Bird Stop £7.99
The Tom Chambers Bird Stop has two small brackets for hanging feeders and a heavy duty feeder pole with finial top.Delivery usually within 1-3 working days by courier
Garden Lanterns (Pack of Six)
Garden Lanterns (Pack of Six) £7.99
Due into stock around the first week of MayWhether youre hosting a garden party or just having a romantic dinner outside with your loved one, these Garden Lanterns will certainly brighten up your evening. To use, just open them up and place them on a flat surface. Add some sand, grit or small pebbles to weigh them down and then add the included tea-light in to the centre. And the best part about these fantastic lanterns is… theyre reuseable. When the tea-light runs out, just replace with a new one. These Lanterns are made from a flame-retardent, heavy duty paper.Specifications:20cm high x 12.5cm square5 hours burn time from each included tea-lightOutdoor use only, in low wind conditionsIncludes: 6 Lanterns per pack, one tea-light per lantern