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Growing mint in the garden

by Sarah - October 22nd, 2010.
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Mint is one herb that lots of people use on a regular basis. It’s used for Sunday Roast Lamb in mint sauce and in lots of other dishes too!
It’s a really easy plant to grow too and you can grow it from seed if you can’t find a cutting of it anywhere. Cuttings grow very quickly in spring and you just put a piece of mint in a pot of soil and keep it watered. If you can’t grow mint then there’s something wrong! You can buy pots of it in the supermarket and these can be transplanted out in to the garden where they should grow well. You can snip mint off with scissors and how much you’ll need to grow depends on how much you want to use! You’ll find it’ll take over a flower bed if you let it, but that’s not such a bad thing. It has small flowers that the bees will love and it’ll mean you can cut loads of mint for putting in dishes like tabouleh or in with peas for a lovely fresh flavour! Mint can also be used as a refreshing tea – just stew the leaves in boiling water for a few minutes and strain! Add mint leaves to a pitcher of pims too for a classic feel to the favourite summer drink! Chop some and put it on your new potatoes too! It’s delicious!
Growing it from seed gives you more chance of growing lots of it and you can give pots of mint away as gifts to your friends and family knowing they’ll love it too!

These items are available now at Dobies. The herb wheel is great for making a mini kitchen garden ideally located close to the kitchen door so you can easily nip out and pick your herbs fresh.

Mint Seeds Average Seeds 1500
Mint Seeds Average Seeds 1500 £1.05
Perennial, and can be grown successfully from seed. Useful in sauces and jellies, and subtly improves the flavour of peas, beans, carrots, beetroot, potatoes and spinach. Sow March-April outdoors. Sow March-April outdoors, harvest July-October. Herbs have many uses for flavouring, garnishing, fragrance, medicinal or purely ornamental.

Herb Wheel
Herb Wheel £49.95
Place it on the patio or balcony or right by the kitchen door in the garden to harvest your vegetables in minutes ensuring the freshest veg! Made from fully pressure treated timber with a planed smooth finish and six spacing bars for individual plant location. Growing fresh herbs brings fragrance into your garden and wonderful flavours to your kitchen. Our six sectioned Herb Wheel is the ideal way to grow a variety of herbs (including those, like mint, that can be rather invasive if not constrained!). Fully interlocking, it is quick and simple to assemble. Size approximately 76cm (2’6″) diameter x 20cm (7″) high.