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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - October 23rd, 2010.
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Suttons Seeds has loads of new lines today

Folding Work Platform (2 Step)
Folding Work Platform (2 Step) £59.95
Invaluable all around the home and the garden, these platforms will certainly make you feel much more secure when painting or hedge-trimming etc. Sturdily built, with rubber feet, automatic safety lock and 30cm (12″) wide slip-resistant tops for added safety, they will take a load of up to 95kg, and fold flat for easy storage. (Available in two sizes: 2 step – 61cm [2′] high x 87cm [2’8″] long and 3 step – 80cm [2’6″] high x 87cm [2’8″] long.). . . . . .

Suet Pellets with berries - 10kg
Suet Pellets with berries – 10kg £29.95
Pellets with berries provide additional vitamin C which aids tissue growth, adrenal gland function, is an antioxidant and help build the immune system.Suet Pellets with wild berries for Wild Birds are delicious high energy suet pellets with a wild berry flavour to attract a variety of wild birds into your garden. Suitable for both adults and fledglings, these suet pellets will help to provide adult wild birds with the essential energy needed before breeding.. . . . . .
Sunflower Hearts - 12.75kg
Sunflower Hearts – 12.75kg £29.95
These are high grade kernels produced from black sunflower seeds. This means they are from the sunflower which contains the highest levels of oil and therefore energy for the birds. Suitable for most birds except maybe Pipits and Wrens who will only take this seed if mealworms and insects are not available! Best from feeders and tables but also good for ground feeding.. . . . . .
Suet Pellets - 10kg
Suet Pellets – 10kg £29.95
Suet pellets are an excellent nutritious bird food. Very high in fats and calories that the birds need so badly especially during the cold winter months. They are easily digestible that makes them so ideal for both young and mature birds. Our suet pellets have either added red berries for additional vitamin C (pink pellets) or added insectivorous proteins for increased energy levels (yellow pellets). Suet pellets are important for insect-eaters but most birds love them and even Wrens, Woodpeckers and Nuthatches can be seen at bird tables where suet pellets are offered! Ideal for both feeders and tables but can be fed from the ground.. . . . . .
Autumn and Winter Mix - 12.75kg
Autumn and Winter Mix – 12.75kg £28.95
The memories of last winter are still vivid and this blend proved its worth during those long cold months! This perfect winter feed will give our birds an instant lift, packing maximum nutrition and energy into every beakful. This is the highest calorific mix we offer and is perfect as a general feed for all birds. Best from feeders and tables but can be offered as a ground feed.. . . . . .
Robin and Songbird Mix - 15kg
Robin and Songbird Mix – 15kg £28.95
Although specifically created for Robins this mix can also be fed as an all year round energy feed for all birds. Using this feed you can expect to see Robins, Songthrushes and Wrens amongst many others. Perfect for feeders for all the slender beaked birds and is also good for bird table feeding.. . . . . .
Peanuts £27.95
This premium peanut has been chosen for its higher oil content and high calorific value. All the Tits love these nuts and can be seen flitting to the feeders constantly! Amongst the many other birds that will enjoy this premium product wil be the Bullfinch and Nuthatch, regular visitors to the bird feeder to help themselves to the peanuts. From a feeder only.. . . . . .
Niger Seed
Niger Seed £27.95
A superb seed, easily digestible and high in oils, protein and energy. Goldfinches adore this seed as do Greenfinches and other birds including Tits. You will need a special feeder for niger seed as the seeds are so light that they will be blown out of normal tubular types, but make the effort as it will certainly be worth it! Needs a niger seed feeder.. . . . . .

12 healthy Pot Ready plants of amazing new runner bean Moonlight – Recently many people have had problems setting beans due to poor weather and a lack of bees. Moonlight produces masses of flowers that self-pollinate well, ensuring good set even in poor weather, and a bumper crop of delicious, smooth, stringless pods – plus 2 specially designed Runner Bean Patio Planters – With their integral cane pockets these simple planters allow you to build a sturdy support for climbing beans. They’re made from tough polyethylene, in a fashionable ‘dusky blue’, with drainage holes and carry handles. 45cm (18″) diameter x 25cm (10″) high. Canes not included.. Pack of 12 Pot Ready Plants + 2 Planters. Full growing instructions included.. . . .