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Price reductions at Crocus

by Sarah - October 28th, 2010.
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Crocus has cut the price of these lines

growing-success-advanced-slug-killer was £4.49 now £3.99
Revolutionary new Slug Killer that outdates all other slug control. This is a bait which can be used around children, pets and wildlife as it only targets Slugs and Snails.Growing Success Advanced Slug Killer is a truly ‘advanced’ Slug Killer completely out dating all Slug killers of the past. It will only kill and snails, and will not harm children, pets, birds, animals or wildlife etc. if used as directed. This product has already enjoyed overwhelming success in Europe and America.IN GENUINE TRIALS THIS ADVANCED SLUG KILLER WAS EFFECTIVE SEVERAL WEEKS IN BOTH DRY AND RAINY WEATHER CONDITIONS. It will only kill slugs and snails. There is no secondary poisoning of birds or hedgehogs etc. and they are completely safe even if they eat the pellets so long as the product has been used as directed. It is based on ferrous phosphate (iron phosphate – which is an organic compound) plus a bait, thus making it attractive to slugs and snails. The slugs and snails are attracted to the bait, ingest the pellets and then crawl away to die, leaving no dead slugs or snails around and no unsightly slime. Any bait not eaten breaks down rapidly to iron and phosphate nutrients as part of garden soil.It can be used safely around ornamentals, fruits and vegetables

felco-original-secateurs-model-no-2 was £45.99 now £44.99
Simply the best secateur you can buy. Makes pruning and trimming your plants a real pleasure and also make a fantastic gift for your gardening friends. Cutting blade: Top quality high carbon steel with wire notch Anvil blade : All in one forged alloy handle and anvil blade Sap groove: Prevents blades sticking together Bearing and bolt: Tempered and ground guaranteeing a long life Rubber cushion stop: Prevents wrist jarring and squashed thumbs Handles: Forged in high strength light aluminium alloy Spring: Easily replaceable, high quality, chrome plated Safety catch: To keep secateurs safely closed when not in use Self servicing key: To set blade adjustment mechanism