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Price reductions at Crocus

by Sarah - October 29th, 2010.
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Price cut on this item at Crocus


radio-controlled-flapping-falcon was £39.99 now £24.99
The radio-controlled falcon is an ornithopter, which files like a real bird by flapping its wings. This is difficult to achieve as the wings need to generate lift as well as thrust. The unique and patented directional-wings allow for superb control even in confined areas. The flight of this flapping falcon is so realistic that prototypes have been taken out of the sky by birds of prey, with LED eyes still glowing as it is ripped to pieces! Controllable up to a massive 40 metres, it flies for about 10 minutes per charge (charge directly from handset). The colour of the radio-controlled flapping falcon is based on the peregrine falcon, one of the most easily recognisable birds of prey in the UK. Requires 6x AA batteries. A fabulous Natural History Museum gift.Dimensions: 53cm x 33cm x 38cm