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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - October 30th, 2010.
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New items at Dobies

The Naturalising Bulb Collection Pack of 100 Bulbs (20 of each variety) - ONLY £12.95!

The Naturalising Bulb Collection Pack of 100 Bulbs (20 of each variety) – ONLY £12.95! £12.95
When bulbs’ brief but glorious season is upon us, we want to revel in it. Naturalised planting lets us do just that. Naturalising is planting informal ‘drifts’ of dozens or even hundreds of bulbs among other plants. With time, the bulbs multiply and spread into a spectacular display of flowers with minimal work and minimal damage to your budget. Lightly wooded areas, lawns and rock gardens are the most popular places for naturalising. This collection contains100 bulbs for only £12.95.Crocus Romance – the bright light yellow colour combination, hardiness, bunch-flowering habit and early flowering make them a must in the garden. Height 10-15cm (4-6″). Size 7/8cm. Flowers February-March. Pack of 20; Muscari Armeniacum – a popular choice for patio containers, the front of borders, or even naturalised in lawns. An exquisite variety, bearing striking blue flowers. Height 20cm (8″). Size 6/7cm. Flowers April-May. Pack of 20; Anemone Blanda Mix – perfect for naturalising, or interplanting with your other ‘little gems’ for a display that is doubly beautiful! Height 10cm (4″). Size 4/5cm. Flowers March-May. Pack of 20; Fritillaria Uva Vulpis – this charming little fritillary is one of the easiest to grow, and will naturalise well, providing you with an ever more impressive display, as the years go by. Its rich green, grass-like leaves and nodding, purple chocolate, yellow-lipped blooms will provide a real talking point! Height 25cm (10″). Size 5/6cm. Flowers April-May. Pack of 20; Iris reticulata – is an early flowering iris, usually appearing from late winter to early spring. The blooms vary from pale blue to deep violet with central yellow splashes down the middle of each petal. Award of Garden Merit winner. Height 15cm (6″). Size 5/7cm. Flowers Late winter-early spring. Pack of 20. Full growing instructions included. November

The outstanding Allium Collection Pack of 60 Bulbs - ONLY £12.95!

The outstanding Allium Collection Pack of 60 Bulbs – ONLY £12.95! £12.95
The terms ‘allium’ includes a wide range of plants, from edible plants like chives and shallots through to these dramatic flowering beauties – you could call these the artistic cousins of the onion. Alliums are some of the best spring and summer flowering bulbs you can grow! They always look good in the garden as they offer height and architectural effect, the delightful globes atop slender stems. The various shapes of the flowers will look stunning in the garden next summer and also make excellent floral arrangements. Easy to grow, this outstanding Allium Collection contains 60 bulbs of the most original alliums for only £12.95!Christophii – the classic huge-headed sparkler, 20-25cm across, formed from lots of starry metallic violet flowers. Award of Garden Merit winner. Height 50cm (20″). Size 10/12cm. FlowersJune. Pack of 3; Siculum (Nectaroscordum) – a wonderful flower related to the allium family, very robust and so interesting – the flower, cream with burgundy pink markings, flushed green at the base on the outside and a bit darker inside, whilst the seed head and the leaves also make a valuable contribution in the garden. Height 80cm (31″). Size 5/10cm. Flowers May-June. Pack of 5; Multibulbosum Nigrum – Mediterranean in origin, the name comes from the greenish black lobed ovaries in the centre of each flower. The creamy white heads, 20-30cm across, don’t form a complete ball as it is more flattened at the top. Height 60-80cm (24-31″). Size 10/12cm. Flowers June. Pack of 3; Drumsticks – produces beautiful crimson-purple flowers. It has showy, deep purple – crimson florets form large oval flower clusters atop sturdy stems. It is striking in the mixed border or rock garden. Height 60cm (24″). Size 4/5cm. Flowers May-June. Pack of 20; Moly – a well-known species that produces beautiful bright golden yellow star-shaped flowers which spread quickly to form large clumps. Height 25cm (10″). Size 4/5cm. Flowers June-July. Pack of 30. Full growing instructions included. November

Kiwi Issai 1 Plant

Kiwi Issai 1 Plant £19.95
An unusual kiwi which boasts fruit with a smooth, edible skin! The little fruits are quite delicious and are produced in abundance – 1000 fruits per year is not unusual! Remarkably pest and disease resistant too. Supplied in a 2 litre pot. (Self-fertile)Less vigorous than their traditional kiwi cousins (making them the ideal choice for the smaller garden), this Actinidia arguta variety is a beautiful climber bearing tasty little fruits that look just like berries and can be eaten whole, without having to peel them!Buy any two kiwi berries and SAVE £10.00! (If ordering 4 plants you can also save £10.00 on the 4th plant.) Full growing instructions included. March

Long Lasting Tulip Collection Pack of 50 Bulbs (10 of each variety) - ONLY £12.95!

Long Lasting Tulip Collection Pack of 50 Bulbs (10 of each variety) – ONLY £12.95! £12.95
The tulip may be the embodiment of a British Spring but did you know that this flower has its origins in the mountains of Kazakhstan? In a stunning array of colours, these classic beauties are the perfect companion to spring bedding. These tulips have been carefully chosen to make a statement all around your garden. In a rush of colours both delicate and rich – Lily flowering, Classic, Darwin or Triumph tulips – they are all long-lasting! These bulbs are incredibly easy to grow so don’t miss this offer – a collection of 50 tulips for only £12.95!Claudia – a lily-flowered purple white tulip with long pointed petals that are reflexed at the tips. Height 40-45cm (16-18″). Size 11/12cm. Flowering April-May. Pack of 10; Dynasty – a fabulous bright pink colour with a white base on tall stems, ideal for planting in groups in the border or cutting for use in the house. Height 65cm (26″). Size 11/12cm. Flowering April-May. Pack of 10; Wildhof – every garden needs a good white tulip as a contrasting background. This Triumph tulip with shapely blooms and strong stem is as equally successful in the garden as in the container. Height 40cm (16″). Size 10/11cm. Flowering April-May. Pack of 10; Purple Flag – is a bright purple coloured tulip on long stems which is ideal for the flower border and cutting for in the house. Height 45cm (18″). Size 10/11cm. Flowering April-May. Pack of 10; Van Eijk – a Darwin tulip which can be used everywhere in the garden. With its moderate height, this dark pink, red inside tulip makes a good choice for forcing indoors or for use in mid-borders to make a dramatic display when planted with other bulbs. Height 20cm (8″). Size 11/12cm. Flowering April-May. Pack of 10. Full growing instructions included. November April-May

Zanzibar Lanterns Set of 3

Zanzibar Lanterns Set of 3 £32.95
Bring an exotic feel to your garden with this beautiful set of lanterns! The hexagonal frames and geometric cutout patterns are reminiscent of the Arabic world, and the brown brushed finish creates an antique feel that will blend with any setting. Simply open the doors and pop a tea light or pillar candle inside. They can be placed on any flat surface or suspended by their hanging rings. The sturdy metal and glass construction will ensure they give you years of service. They measure 14cm (5½”) diameter x 23.5cm (9¼”) high, 18.5cm (7¼”) diameter x 33cm (13″) high and 23cm (9″) diameter x 42cm (16½”) high. Set of 3.

Colour-themed Collection - Hot Hot Hot Pack of 12 Pot Ready Plants + 6 extra FREE - SAVE £8.95!

Colour-themed Collection – Hot Hot Hot Pack of 12 Pot Ready Plants + 6 extra FREE – SAVE £8.95! £17.90
A selection of vibrant varieties in shades of orange and red, to heat up even the coolest summer days.Why not try colour-theming your baskets and patio containers this summer? If you’re not sure about what goes with what, don’t worry! Choose from the colour-themed collections of our favourite patio varieties and you can’t go wrong. Varieties may vary from those pictured.SAVE £8.95 on pack of 12 + 6 extra FREE plants! Full growing instructions included. Prefers full sun or partial shade.

The Complete Garden Bulb Collection Pack of over 250 Bulbs - ONLY £29.95 SAVE OVER 40%!

The Complete Garden Bulb Collection Pack of over 250 Bulbs – ONLY £29.95 SAVE OVER 40%! £29.95
Now is the right time to plant bulbs! The more you plant, the more dazzling the display will be. The more colours you use, the greater theeffect! We have set out to provide you with the best bulb collection available today at the best price! We are all familiar with the sight of the first flowers of spring: crocus, daffodil, tulip, allium and the unusual bulbs for naturalising. The great thing about bulbs is how easy they are to grow and they are sure to bloom. Plant bulbs close together in the largest pot you can lay your hands on and fill your borders and the side of your garden path with hundreds of bulbs. You won’t regret it next spring. This exclusive offer is for you – over 250 bulbs for only £29.95. Save over 40%! Full growing instructions included. November

Ceramic Cascade Solar Water Feature

Ceramic Cascade Solar Water Feature £89.95
A charming hand crafted water feature that will soothe you with the gentle sound of running water as it splashes and bubbles from the red glazed, scroll-patterned ceramic urn at its top down to the large bowl at the foot. Self contained, it requires no installation, and uses a safe solar powered low voltage pump and the latest technology remote solar panel – so you can position the feature itself wherever you like, in sun or shade, up to 3m (10′) away from the panel! Height 52cm (21″). Cobbles not included.