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New products at Crocus

by Sarah - October 31st, 2010.
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New items today at Crocus


kettler-rendezvous-reno-armchair £79.99
DimensionsDepth – front leg to back leg – 56cmHeight – at highest point of the chair – 80cmWidth – arm to arm from the outside of the chair – 56cmEach Piece of Rendezvous furniture undergoes a unique Thermosint process making it impervious to wind and weather and providing it with a manufacturer’s 5 year anti-rust gurantee.


galvanised-recycling-bin £31.99
Did you know that up to 60% of the rubbish that ends up in thedustbin could be recycled! Our galvanised bin is tough, doesn’t rust and is easy to clean. This bin is ideal for storing different types of materials buy one for glass, paper, plastic, tins to help you seperate your recylable materials.Dimensions: 59cm high x 38cm diameter

west Himalayan birch

west Himalayan birch £29.99
Position: full sun or lightly dappled shadeSoil: moderately fertile, well-drained soilRate of growth: fast-growingFlowering period: MarchFlower colour: yellowy-brown male catkinsOther features: smooth, bright white bark is very attractive in winterHardiness: very hardyAttractive bright white bark, dark green leaves, which turn yellow in autumn, and yellowy brown catkins in spring. An elegant tree that is perfect for all gardens, large or small. It can be grown as a specimen in the lawn, grown in a group in a woodland or just planted as a feature in the garden border.Garden care: Requires minimal pruning. Remove any broken, diseased or crossing branches in late autumn or winter. When planting incorporate lots of well-rotted garden compost in the planting and stake well.


cascade-solar-light £29.99
These striking stainless steel solar lights have a dusk-to-dawn automatic sensor and a manual override, giving total control.1-year manufacturer’s warrantyAlso available:Post mount Deck mount


haws-indoor-metal-can-1-pint-blue £24.99
With a gently angled neck and fine brass rose, this 1 pint watering will help you water your plants in style. As it is made from galvanised sheet metal, with a powder coated royal blue paint finish, it can be used either indoors or out.

water lily

water lily £18.99
Fragrant, flesh-pink blooms up to 23cm (9in) across, fading to creamy white with age, from June to September. This aptly-named water lily is perfect for a large pond or lake. The most vigorous pink-flowered variety currently available, it’s best grown in an aquatic planting basket covered with 45-100cm (18-36in) of water.Position: full sunDepth of water: 45-100cm (18-36in)Rate of growth: fast-growingUltimate spread: 200cm (72in)Height above surface: 0-10cm (0-4in) Flowering period: June to September Flower colour: flesh-pink fading to creamy whiteOther features: large, oval, olive green leavesHardiness: fully hardyGarden care: Plant firmly in a hessian-lined aquatic planting basket filled with aquatic compost. Apply a 2.5cm (1in) top-dressing of pea shingle or gravel to prevent the top layer of the planting medium from clouding the water. The crown of the plant should protrude slightly above the surface of the planting basketGoes well with: Caltha palustris, Juncus effusus f. ‘Spiralis’, Iris laevigata ‘Snowdrift’, Equisetum scirpoides, Rodgersia aesculifolia, Primula denticulata ‘Alba’


brass-tap-cockerel £14.99
Replace your outdoor tap with this decorative brass tap, with a Cockerel on the handle. Universal tap fitting.Approx size: height 14cm


green-glazed-wasp-trap £14.99
Practical and attractive, this natural wasp trap will help keep your patio free of unwanted visitors. Once filled with a solution of syrup and water, wasps find it irresistible. They access the trap through a cunningly shaped hole in the base that offers no escape. Unlike glass wasp traps, you don’t have to see the wasps committing hari-kari. To empty the trap, all you need to do is remove the cork and wash out the dead wasps.15cm high


gothic-wall-mirror-seconds £12.99
Make a big saving with the Gothic wall mirrors as they are being classed as seconds. They have scratches / marks on the reflective acrylic.Create the illusion of space in a courtyard or add light to a shady corner or passageway with this striking gothic wall mirror. Made from cast-iron and reflective acrylic, it makes the perfect finishing touch to the patio, too.Size: 27x48cm


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