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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - October 31st, 2010.
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Dobies just added these new products


Mealworms £9.99
200gr + 100gr FREE! Dried mealworms are an excellent source of energy that provide essential all year round feeding, particularly for fledglings as well as adult birds. Robins and blackbirds love these in the dried form but rehydrate the worms by soaking in warm water for a few minutes and you will find many other varieties of birds winging their way to your garden for their share of the feast! Great value as with every 200gr pack we will send you 100gr FREE! November

The Supreme Daffodil Collection Pack of 50 Bulbs (10 of each variety) - ONLY £12.95!

The Supreme Daffodil Collection Pack of 50 Bulbs (10 of each variety) – ONLY £12.95! £12.95
Narcissus, the Greek God who was enthralled by his own great beauty, was transformed into the glorious golden flower that we call the Daffodil. Synonymous with the arrival of spring, they have always been among the finest scented flowers and they are a must for any garden, large or small, bringing a sunny glow to the darkest corner. What’s more they last for years and are ideal for cutting. Indulge yourself – our selection includes some outstanding varieties from single flower to multiheaded!Dick Wilden – make your rainy spring days brighter with this double daffodil. Magnificent pointed yellow petals surrounding the full, ruffled golden centre. Height 30-35cm (12-14″). Size 12/14cm. Flowers April-May. Pack of 10; Salome – large-cupped with ivory white petals that form a flat circle which changes from a lovely apricot to salmon as the flower matures. No wonder this award winner is one of our favourites! Height 35-50cm (14-20″). Size 12/14cm. Flowers April. Pack of 10; Ice Follies – milk-white petals and a wide primrose yellow cup that fades to cream as the flowers age. Award of Garden Merit winner. Height 40cm (16″). Size 12/14cm. Flowers March-April. Pack of 10; Minnow – with its clusters of soft yellow flowers and buttermilk cup, who could resist this little charmer? Miniature variety. Award of Garden Merit winner. Height 25cm (10″). Size 10/12cm. Flowers March-April. Pack of 10; Martinette – it is a very fragrant bouquet on a stem, many bright yellow and orange flowers per stem, beautiful and wonderfully aromatic in a vase. They bloom for weeks in the garden, they smell wonderful; they’re strong and sturdy; and last forever as cut flowers. Height 25cm (10″). Size 10/12cm. Flowers March-May. Pack of 10. Full growing instructions included. November