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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - November 3rd, 2010.
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New products at Blooming Direct

Festive Cheer Christmas Bouquet

Festive Cheer Christmas Bouquet £49.45
Compact Christmas arrangement of green Cymbidium orchids, red roses and carnations complete with silver-blue Eucalyptus and silver sprayed fir cones, bear grass in a toning green/grey striped container.

Laburnum x watereri Vossii

Laburnum x watereri Vossii £41.95
NEW INTRODUCTION The Laburnum Vossii is an erect spreading tree with pendent chains of scented, golden yellow flowers in early June. A sterile form that sets few seeds. These seeds are poisonous if eaten. Ideal for arches, pagodas and as a specimen. On maturity this Laburnum can reach a height of 13 feet. Our price includes courier delivery directo from the nursery to your door.

Acer platanoides Drummondii

Acer platanoides Drummondii £39.95
NEW INTRODUCTION A popular garden tree, globe-headed with green leaves and a striking white marginal band. A good foil for purple and gold leaved shrubs. The occasional branch can revert to plain green leaves and should be pruned out. This Acer will grow up to 20 feet high on maturity. The price includes courier delivery from the nursery to your door.

Malus toringo Scarlett

Malus toringo Scarlett £38.95
NEW INTRODUCTION The Malus Crab Apple Scarlett is a superb all seasons tree combining good leaf, flower and fruiting features. The rich pink blossom contrasts well with the emerging purple, deeply lobed leaves which turn to glossy dark green in the summer and then rich scarlet with purple tints in the autumn, very rare for a Malus. The persistent small purple fruits remain long after leaf fall. Our price includes courier delivery direct from the nursery to your door.

Prunus Kanzan Flowering Cherry

Prunus Kanzan Flowering Cherry £38.95
NEW INTRODUCTION Prunus Kanzan flowering cherry is one of the showiest and best known varieties, with densely-double, purplish-pink flowers in late April. The spring foliage is coppery-red turning green and then orange in autumn. A strong-growing tree, with an upright, spreading habit. Our price includes courier delivery direct from our nursery to your door.

Crataegus laevigata Pauls Scarlet

Crataegus laevigata Pauls Scarlet £38.95
NEW INTRODUCTION This lovely Crataegus Thorn tree is a small round-headed tree, with lobed, dark green foliage and densely double pinky-scarlet flowers. Small red haws in autumn. This Crataegus Thorn will grow to 13 feet in height on maturity. Our price includes courier delivery direct from our nursery to your door.

Cotoneaster frigidus Cornubia

Cotoneaster frigidus Cornubia £38.95
NEW INTRODUCTION Semi-evergreen strong growing small tree of tall spreading habit, with large, rich green leaves and very large red fruits that weigh down the branches. This evergreen Cotoneaster tree will grow up to 13 feet in height and will flower in May. A versatile tree with all round interest. Our prices includes courier delivery charges from our nursery to your door.

Robinia pseudoacacia Frisia

Robinia pseudoacacia Frisia £38.95
NEW INTRODUCTION This Robinia Acacia is a beautiful tree renowned for its bright golden pinnate leaves throughout the summer. Pendent clusters of small fragrant pea-like white flowers in mid summer. Although prone to wind damage as a young vigorous tree, it grows in any soil. This Robinia is a fast growing tree reaching 20 feet in height at maturity. Our price includes courier delivery direct from the nursery to your door.

Festive Celebration Christmas Bouquet

Festive Celebration Christmas Bouquet £38.45
Starring roles go to lime Anthurium. Bloom Chrysanthemum and red Amaryllis with a chorus line of spray green Chrysanths and Lotus Seed pods in this desirable aqua-packed hand tied.