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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - November 7th, 2010.
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Dobies has these new products today

Horse Swing

Horse Swing £69.95
This gift ticks so many boxes. Firstly, it’s just so much fun! Boys and girls love it because it’s a swing with real character. It also happens to be a brilliantly sculptured horse that is in fact a recycled tyre – so it’s helping the environment too. With a natural jute mane, it will give a lifetime of loyal service. Easy to fix using the sturdy ropes provided. Bears up to 200kg. Late November

Cyclamen in Star-Shaped Pot

Cyclamen in Star-Shaped Pot £19.95
These dainty traditional Christmas flowers are in pots, one each of three different colours, and each in its own clever star-shaped pot. (Red flower in white star, white flower in red star and pink flower in gold star.) They arrive in bud, take 2 weeks to flower, and then keep flowering for about a month. You can then keep them as house plants, and they can last for several years. Comes in 10cm pot. Height 15cm. December

Hyacinth - Red Celebration

Hyacinth – Red Celebration £18.95
Four vibrant red hyacinths arrive in a metal wire container, with wooden handles – each in their own pot with a number on each edge. This cleverly allows you to twist the pots around to give the date! You can replant the pots, and even use the container for milk bottles or other bottles in the kitchen.Hyacinths are without doubt the most fragrant of the popular bulbs we offer. Their heady scent and large, vibrant flowers are always welcome.Your hyacinths are delivered in bud from 13th December, and will flower in 2-3 weeks, depending on room temperature. The fragrant blooms will last 2-3 weeks, depending on room temperature. December

Jasmine with Arch

Jasmine with Arch £16.95
Myriads of delicately fragrant white flowers, woven by hand round an arch for a beautiful, naturalistic effect. Comes in a 14cm ceramic pot and arrives in bud. Blooms in 10 days to 2 weeks. Height 45cm.This jasmine flowers in profusion, and if that wasn’t enough it then reflowers later in the year. A wonderful house plant or for the conservatory. December

Daffodil Tete A Tete in Antracite Bowl

Daffodil Tete A Tete in Antracite Bowl £17.95
This Tete A Tete daffodil give a subtle fragrance on blooming, to match its delicate, multi-headed form. Supplied in bud, the group will flower in 2-3 weeks depending on the temperature of the room. The group arrives in an anthracite black 17cm bowl. Height 25cm. December

Spicy Chocolate Orange Christmas Wreath

Spicy Chocolate Orange Christmas Wreath £29.95
A modern take on an ancient Christmas item. Could be used as a dramatic table centrepiece with a candle. Dried tropical flowers add to the impact. 10″ diameter.A wreath on your door shows you’re celebrating Christmas properly. Brings natural quality and cheer. December

Wooden Advent Calendar

Wooden Advent Calendar £29.95
In traditional Christmas tree style, this wooden Advent calendar makes a wonderful gift for friends or home. It will become a treasured family heirloom, as succeeding generations of children come to love its heralding of Christmas. The delightful little drawers mean you can find little treasures throughout December to hide in them, or get children to make little sweets and gifts. Truly involving, and so much more fun to open than a paper hinge! Height 485mm, width 380mm, depth 65mm. Late November

Christmas Muscari

Christmas Muscari £14.95
This pretty group of muscari (Grape Hyacinths) come in a 16cm bowl, beautifuly displayed in a Christmas wrap. Supplied in bud, they will flower in 2-3 weeks depending on the temperature of the room, so you can have them for Christmas and into the New Year. They will go outside happily, and can be placed on your doorstep to welcome guests. Height 15cm. December

Mini Rose Plants

Mini Rose Plants £14.95
These miniature blooming rose plants come in a beautiful 6cm ceramic pot with a tasteful embossed pattern featuring Santa in flight on his sled. They arrive in bud, blooms in as little as 3 weeks, and flowering lasts for about a month. Height 15cm. 1 red, 1 white rose in Christmas containers. December