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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - November 8th, 2010.
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New item at Suttons Seeds

Tomato Turbo Dasher Plants

Tomato Turbo Dasher Plants £9.99
Dasher is one of the tastiest mini plum tomatoes giving a good crop of very sweet fruits. Get a bumber crop of tasty fruit with our Turbo Tomatoes! Why are they called Turbo? We have taken five varieties of the tastiest tomatoes available and grafted them onto an extremely vigorous-growing root stock. Tomatoes have been grown in this way for a while by commerical growers and have been shown to:Be more vigorous, producing larger plants. Have greater resistance to pests and diseases. Have less susceptibility to nutritional disorders. Perform well with less heat in your greenhouse. Yield top quality fruit over a longer period compared to normal plants.Our trials have shown that grafted plants are incredibly healthy and give rise to larger, strong-growing plants giving bumper yields (as our pictures show!) They’ll perfrorm well outside but are particularly recommended for greenhouse growing, where they will fulfill their potential and allow you to get plants off to an early start in spring without paying a fortune on heating your greenhouse.. Pack of 3 Pot Ready Plants. Full growing instructions included.. . . .