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Price reductions at Northern Tool and Equipment Co UK

by Sarah - November 9th, 2010.
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Northern Tool UK reduced the price on these products today

Heavy-Duty Spray Gun

Heavy-Duty Spray Gun was £5.86 now £2.93
This Heavy-Duty Spray Gun features an adjustable nozzle and an ergonomic soft grip for user comfort.Product Specifications:Trigger control with trigger lockUniversal male connectorColour: Black

Carbon Steel Dutch Hoe

Carbon Steel Dutch Hoe was £7.04 now £3.51
The 128mm blade on this carbon steel dutch hoe is securely fixed to the tubular steel handle!Product Specifications: Black plastic grip handle with hand hole Features a pressed steel blade with epoxy coating Carbon steel

Carbon Steel Lawn Edger

Carbon Steel Lawn Edger was £7.04 now £3.51
The head on this carbon steel lawn edger is securely fixed to tubular steel handle which feature a black plastic T hand grip!Product Specifications: Half-moon shape and have turnover treads. Has an epoxy coated finish. Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel Garden Rake

Carbon Steel Garden Rake was £7.04 now £3.51
This carbon steel garden rake has a twelve tooth head is securely fixed to tubular steel handle!Product Specifications: Has a black plastic hand grip with hang hole Has an epoxy-coated finish Carbon steel Head Width: 303mm

Watering Lance

Watering Lance was £7.04 now £4.10
Watering LanceProduct Specifications:LightweightSpray headColour: Silver / green

Micro Irrigation System

Micro Irrigation System was £9.39 now £4.69
This clever Micro Irrigation System will water evenly with one turn of the tap + is ideal for hanging baskets, gardens + greenhouses. It won?t disturb the soil + the tubing is flexible for easy installation. Kit contains:23m vinyl pipe10x end dripper10x inline dripper1x ¾" BSP outside tap adaptor1x filter washer2x straight connector15x tee connector1x flow control valve15x support stake10x pipe clip5x end clamp1x instructions

4-Pc Brass Fitting Kit

4-Pc Brass Fitting Kit was £8.21 now £4.69
This 4-Pc Brass Fitting Kit contains: ½" (12.5mm) female connector¾" (19mm) tap connector½" (12.5mm) connector with water stopSelf-centring hose nozzle

430mm Bolo Machete + Sheath

430mm Bolo Machete + Sheath was £11.74 now £5.86
This bolo machete has a 430mm tempered steel blade which is 55mm wide near the point. The blade runs though handle and the machete is 565mm long overall. This machete is great for light brush and foliage clearing and it comes complete with a sheath.430mm Bolo Machete Product Specifications: Tempered 430mm steel blade is 55mm wide near the point Great for use in gardens Blade runs though handle 565mm long overall Sheath included IMPORTANT: Must be 18yrs or older to order

Stainless Steel Dutch Hoe

Stainless Steel Dutch Hoe was £12.91 now £7.04
This expert quality stainless steel dutch hoe has a black plastic grip handle with hang hole.Product Specifications: Head width: 128mm The 128mm blade is securely fixed to the tubular steel handle. Features a polished blade. Stainless Steel