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A few gardening hints

by Sarah - November 24th, 2010.
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We’ve been sent these gardening hints:

Money saving hints for gardeners

Save all your empty plastic pots for starting plants off in. If you have solid
pots then you can quickly drill a few holes in the bottom to let the water out.

Look at your local morrison’s supermarket in the flower section – they sell
their black plastic buckets for 8 for £1 …. They’re great for growing
plants in!

You can use growbag compost in pots too instead of proper compost. It’s quite
rich though, but perfect for tomatoes and other greenhouse crops. It’s loads
cheaper than buying compost.

Recycle old containers into planters. Anything can be used as long as it has
drainage hole.

Plant a few lettuce seeds inside the greenhouse. There are some winter hardy
types. These can save you money as they’ll be cheaper to grow than buy at the