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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - November 28th, 2010.
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Dobies has these new items today

Garlic Sultop (Hardneck Type) Pack of 2 Bulbs

Garlic Sultop (Hardneck Type) Pack of 2 Bulbs £3.95
A superb, high-yielding hardneck garlic. Bulbs contain a large number of easy-to-peel cloves, which are red-skinned and have a delicious strong taste. 2 Bulbs (12-15 cloves per bulb).Plant our ‘hardneck’ garlics and you will get a delicious free bonus! Pick the mild garlic-flavoured scapes (flower stalks) when young and tender, and enjoy them as a gourmet vegetable in stir fries, sauces and other dishes. The sections, or cloves of each bulb should be separated and planted just below the soil surface from early November to late December. Space rows 15-20cm (6-8″) apart and allow 10cm (4″) between cloves. Lift and dry the plants, as with onions, once the foliage turns yellow in July. Full growing instructions included. END OF OCTOBER

Cucumber Sunsweet Yellow F1 Seeds 6 Seeds

Cucumber Sunsweet Yellow F1 Seeds 6 Seeds £3.95
A unique lemon-shaped greenhouse cucumber. At each leaf joint a bunch of two to three fruits forms. Eat them raw when young, or allow them to fully ripen, turn orange and cook them like courgettes. Either way, they are delicious. Mini cucumber variety. Maturing time approximately 12 weeks from sowing. Easy to grow and specially bred to provide ‘one for a meal’ these varieties can be grown in a cool greenhouse in the usual way, or quite easily be raised in 25cm (10″) pots indoors before a large light window providing this does not have a northerly aspect. Greenhouse mini cucumbers can perform well outdoors grown through black polythene. HEALTH BENEFITS: Refreshing, (96% water) low in calories.

Windowsill Salad Seed Kit

Windowsill Salad Seed Kit £7.95
Our kit comprises a 53.5cm (21″) x 11cm (4¼”) plastic Jiffy® windowsill propagator, transparent dome and 3 compost blocks which, when soaked in water, expand to fill the propagator, plus individual packets of seed – 3 delicious cut-and-come again salad leaf mixes (Winter Mix, Spicy Mix and Lettuce Mix) which are ready to harvest in just 3 weeks!

Windowsill Microgreen Kit

Windowsill Microgreen Kit £7.95
This nifty kit is the simple way to grow microgreens. It comprises a Jiffy® windowsill propagator (53.5cm (21″) x 11cm (4¼”), a transparent dome to let in light and keep out draughts, plus 3 compost blocks which, when soaked in water, expand to fill the propagator. And, of course, 6 packets of seed – cress, mustard, broccoli, alfalfa, basil and rocket – which can be grown year-round and are ready to harvest in just 1 week! Go on, get the micro green habit!