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Top 5 Christmas trees and how to choose them by Clifton Nurseries

by Sarah - December 1st, 2010.
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Have a real Christmas tree this yearAre you keen to have a real tree this year? Are you confused as to which to get?

They’re green, they’re glossy and they look beautiful when dressed…. They’re Christmas trees and if choosing the right tree seems tricky, here are some tips from Clifton Nurseries to help you select the one that’s best for your home:

NORDMAN FIR – not the most fragrant of trees but its strong point is that the needles drop less than others, so it saves on the sweeping up. It has lovely layered branches, great for decorating and soft needles, which makes dressing the tree a little less prickly.

NORWAY SPRUCE – this is the one with the strong traditional Christmas smell, the classic Christmas tree. It does shed its needles a little more than others, but costs less and is good value for money. Buy it in a pot, spray it regularly and it should last longer.

CORK BARK FIR – this is a very stylish tree, with its almost blue toned foliage, its lovely citrusy smell and the needles retain quite well. Originally from Germany, it has a conical shape, making it good for smaller spaces.

BLUE SPRUCE – this is a broader, fuller tree, which will suit wider spaces and fill a room. Lends itself very well to lavish decorations and again with fragrant citrusy overtones. It has a blue green foliage and its needles are a bit sharper than other trees, which does however make it excellent for holding on to the decorations.

SERBIAN SPRUCE – this is a dense, narrowly shaped tree with a lovely classic pine smell. Its rich green needles have a bluey undertone. This is a magnificent, graceful tree which can grow up to 60 ft in height and perfect for anyone wanting to make an impact.

How to care for your real Christmas tree
Spray it with a fine water mist once or twice a week (follow light manufacturer’s instructions on safety
Water it when dry if the tree is in a pot.

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Don’t put it directly next to radiators or fires and the tree should last through Christmas.