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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - December 2nd, 2010.
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New item at Dobies

Lettuce Valdor Seeds Average Seeds 950

Lettuce Valdor Seeds Average Seeds 950 £1.35
The best and largest butterhead winter lettuce with solid hearts of deep green. Very resistant to cold, wet conditions. Sow outdoors from August-January at fortnightly intervals to ensure a regular supply. Sow in rows 30cm (12″) apart and 1.25cm (½”) deep and thin the plants to 23-30cm (9-12″) apart. For growing in greenhouse during winter or outside with cloche/frame protection. HEALTH BENEFITS: Source of beta-carotene/vitamin A – especially darker green leaves. Cos varieties reputedly have 5x the levels of vitamins A and C compared to Iceberg types.