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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - December 6th, 2010.
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New items at MowDirect

Lawnflite 908GLH Rear-Discharge Lawn Tractors

Lawnflite 908GLH Rear-Discharge Lawn Tractors £2399.00
Equipped with a range of features that are unique to Lawnflite, the Lawnflite 908GLH really stands out from the crowd. Key amongst these is the ‘Direct Collect’ system, whereby clippings are sent to the 240-litre grass-catcher via an extra-wide discharge-chute, in turn ensuring clump-free collection, even in damp conditions. This model is driven by a hugely powerful 18.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine, which benefits from the employment of a spin-on air-filter, a cast-iron cylinder sleeve and reinforced bearings. Its hydrostatic-drive includes a reverse gear and provides infinitely variable control over the ground-speed, so you’ll have no problems dealing with obstacles and difficult corners (manoeuvrability is further enhanced by an exceptionally tight 46cm turning-circle). A sliding high-back seat provides the comfort you need when tackling large-scale applications; and anti-scalp wheels help protect the turf when turning. The Lawnflite 908GLH also features ‘Fast Attach’; a handy system that enables all accessories to be fitted and removed without tools. An integral towbar allows you to work with a range of attachments. The very generous 105cm width-of-cut on this model makes it suitable for substantial lawns and paddocks.

Lawnflite 705-GLH Lawn & Garden Tractor

Lawnflite 705-GLH Lawn & Garden Tractor £2099.00
Key amongst the high-spec features on the Lawnflite 705-GLH is its hydrostatic drive. This allows the both ground-speed and the forward/reverse selector to be controlled from a single foot-pedal, greatly enhancing control and manoeuvrability. Offering a 92cm cut, this mid-range lawn-tractor is perfect for lawns up to one-and-a-half acres. Its 15.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine with key-type ignition will prove incredibly reliable will give no starting headaches; while its very high-volume 240-litre collector helps to reduce downtime caused by stops and can be emptied without leaving the driver’s seat. The Lawnflite 703-GLT employs twin counter-rotating blades, the airflow from which forces grass-cuttings straight into collector with no clumping; in turn ensuring highly-efficient damp-weather collection. Another stand-out feature is Lawnflite’s ‘Fast Attach’ system, which allows the cutter-deck, collector, front bumper and other accessories to be speedily removed without tools. An adjustable high-back seat ensures comfortable, fatigue-free mowing; and an extra-tight turning circle (46cm) means awkward corners and obstacles can be negotiated with ease.

Efco Kommand 80/12.5T Rear-Discharge Lawn Tractor

Efco Kommand 80/12.5T Rear-Discharge Lawn Tractor £1499.00
Compact, easy to handle and packed with premium features, the Efco Kommand 80/12.5T is the ideal solution for those looking to maintain a larger lawn (up to two-acres) with the minimum of fuss. Its extremely tight turning radius (just 46cm) and seven-speed Transmatic transmission allow for agile and safe manoeuvring around shrubs and ornaments; while its high-vacuum, fan-assisted cutter-deck and high-lift cutter-blade work to ensure clump-free collection and a neat, even finish (the deck is offset for easier edge-work). This high-performance lawn tractor is powered by an ultra-dependable 12.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine with electric key-ignition for trouble-free starting every time. It offers five preset heights-of-cut (30 – 95mm), which are selected using a handy dashboard-mounted lever; and it utilises Efco’s ‘Fast Attach’ which allows for the speedy fitting and removal of accessories (bag, bumper, deck, etc). Reinforced components, including bearings and blade-supports, ensure the Efco Kommand will keep-on performing, year after year. This model has a 76cm cutting-width.

MD SnowCAT 2-stage Snow Blower with Caterpillar Tracks

MD SnowCAT 2-stage Snow Blower with Caterpillar Tracks £1499.00
Offering high-end performance and top of the range features, this powerful self-propelled snow blower will continue to perform when conditions are at their harshest and has the power (a 337 cc OHV engine) to clear even compacted snow and ice. Equipped with dual caterpillar tracks, the MD SnowCAT provides extra grip on slopes and slippery surfaces and has the ability to turn on the spot. It can shift up to an incredible 2200 lbs of snow per minute and is ideal for larger sized properties as well as any business or organisation which needs to stay open this winter.

MD SnowHORSE 2-Stage Snow Blower

MD SnowHORSE 2-Stage Snow Blower £699.00
This high-performance 2-stage snow thrower has a powerful 196 cc OHV engine and can clear up to an incredible 1800 lbs of snow per minute. Exclusive to MowDIRECT, the MD SnowHORSE Snow Blower has a wide 56 cm (22″”) working width for a fast work rate and its 51cm hood will enable you to clear even heavy snow fall. For enhanced manoeuvrability, this model has 5 forward and 2 reverse gears as well as large-sized snow hog tyres that really grip the surface. Ideal for homeowners and businesses needing to keep paths, driveways and forecourts clear of snow this winter.

Mitox 6224 Petrol Chainsaw (60cm Guide Bar)

Mitox 6224 Petrol Chainsaw (60cm Guide Bar) £279.00
With its larger 60cm guide-bar and high-powered 62cc (3.0kW) engine, the Mitox 6224 will make short work of the toughest chainsaw jobs you’re likely to have to tackle as a domestic user. It’s equipped with a decompression-valve, so it won’t jerk or ‘kick’ on ignition; and it benefits from the employment of a performance- and reliability-enhancing carburettor from Japanese brand-leaders Walbro. An automatic chain-oiling system ensures peak-performance is continuously maintained; while an exceptionally fast-acting chain-brake makes the chance of accidental injury a very remote one indeed. This premium domestic model also features large-capacity tanks for both oil and fuel, so refuelling breaks will be few and far between; and it offers a comprehensive anti-vibration system that will considerably reduce operator-fatigue. The amount of oil that is sent to the cutting-gear can be set to suit the hardness of the wood you’re working.

Mitox 6220 Petrol Chainsaw (50cm Guide Bar)

Mitox 6220 Petrol Chainsaw (50cm Guide Bar) £269.00
If you’re a domestic-user, landscaper or farmer who needs to carry out heavy-duty chainsaw applications on a regular basis, then the Mitox 6220 could prove the perfect work-partner. It’s driven by a high-powered 3.0kW (62cc) engine that’s equipped with a Japanese Walbro carburettor for superior performance and reliability, and a decompression valve for a smooth, jerk-free start-up. Automatic-chain lubrication ensures the high-quality Oregon bar and chain are kept well-oiled at all times; while a highly effective anti-vibration system helps to keep operator-fatigue at bay for longer. Other features include large-capacity fuel- and oil-tanks for longer run-times; and an automatic chain-brake for enhanced user-safety. The oil-flow rate to the bar can be adjusted to get good results in any wood-type.