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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - December 12th, 2010.
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MowDirect just added these new items

Mountfield 2448H-4WD Lawn & Garden Tractor (Four-Wheel Drive)

Mountfield 2448H-4WD Lawn & Garden Tractor (Four-Wheel Drive) £4999.00
With its very high-performance 724cc Briggs & Stratton engine powering all four wheels, the Mountfield 2448H-4WD will perform brilliantly on sloping, damp, or rough ground. Its huge 122cm width-of-cut means you be able to cover the largest lawns and paddocks (up to five-acres) with speed and efficiency; while its foot-operated hydrostatic-drive provides the control and manoeuvrability you’ll need to safely negotiate shrubs, trees and garden furniture. Designed for the top-end of the domestic market, this model comes with a massive 360-litre grass-collector which can be dumped from the driver’s seat and features a buzzer to alert you when it’s at capacity. It cuts wider than the wheel-width, so there’s less work to do with the grass-trimmer after mowing; and it offers an exceptionally wide-ranging nine-stage height-of-cut that’s adjustable between 25 and 100mm to suit conditions. Other premium features include an LED display, which provides the user with a raft of operational information; and a deck-wash port, which allows you to fit a standard hose-pipe for the hassle-free cleaning of the deck and blades. A tow-bar and mulch-kit are both supplied as standard.

Lawnflite GLX92 RHL-K Lawn & Garden Tractor

Lawnflite GLX92 RHL-K Lawn & Garden Tractor £2699.00
The Lawnflite GLX92 RHL-K has been developed for the homeowner looking to achieve a refined finish on lawns of two-acres and upwards (it has a 92cm cut). Its two counter-rotating blades create a powerful airstream that drives clippings directly into the grassbox, ensuring fantastic collection performance, even in damp conditions; while its high-powered 16hp Kawasaki engine is equipped with a pumped lubrication system, so wear and tear is minimised and engine life maximised. This premium lawn-tractor from Lawnflite is fitted with a hydrostatic gearbox that allows the forward speed and reverse gear to be selected via a foot pedal. It features Lawnflite’s patented ‘Fast Attach’ system, which makes it possible to fit and remove the cutter deck (and other accessories) without using tools; and it comes with a massive 350-litre grass-collector that requires fewer stops for emptying, in turn cutting the time it takes to get the job done. Twin cleaning ports allow for the attachment of a standard hosepipe, so you can easily remove any performance-inhibiting clumps of grass from the underside of the deck; while a deluxe seat and padded steering wheel work to ensure you’ll be able to complete the job in comfort. The Lawnflite GLX92 has an exceptionally small 53cm turning-circle; the tightest in its class.

Mountfield 4000SH Lawn & Garden Tractor (Honda Engine)

Mountfield 4000SH Lawn & Garden Tractor (Honda Engine) £2399.00
With its generous 102cm working-width and high-performance 389cc Honda engine, the Mountfield 4000SH Lawn & Garden Tractor is a superb performer over very large areas (up to two-and-a-half acres). Key amongst its high-end features is a hydrostatic transmission, which gives you instant control of the ground-speed (forward and reverse) using a foot-pedal. This feature works the tractor’s tight-turning circle and lightweight steering to ensure you’ll have no problems guiding it safely around obstacles like trees and ornaments. The Mountfield 4000SH comes with a capacious 260-litre grass-catcher, which can be emptied from the seat and has a ‘collector full’ buzzer to tell you when a trip to the compost-heap is required. It gives you the choice of seven cutting-heights (25 – 80mm), so you can select the most effective one for the conditions; and it’s equipped with a deck-wash port, which makes it easy to clear any clumps of grass that may be inhibiting performance. This model cuts beyond the width of the wheels, so less trimming work is required when you’ve finished mowing. A mulching-kit is available separately.

Mountfield 3600SH Lawn & Garden Tractor (Honda Engine)

Mountfield 3600SH Lawn & Garden Tractor (Honda Engine) £2199.00
Built to the highest standards and benefiting from some of the most comprehensive warranties you’ll comes across, the Mountfield 3600SH Lawn & Garden Tractor is undoubtedly one of the best machines of its type on the market. Suitable for lawns up to two acres, this high-specification tractor mower is powered by a high-performance 390cc Honda engine with electric key ignition for stress-free starting. Its hydrostatic-drive provides infinitely-variable speed control via a foot-pedal – this fantastic feature works with the tractor’s light steering and tight turning-radius to ensure you’ll have no trouble negotiating obstacles safely and accurately. The 92cm twin-bladed cutter-deck on this model offers seven preset heights-of-cut (25 – 80mm), so it can be set-up to suit the conditions; while the 260-litre collector ensures very lengthy run-times between emptying-stops (it can be emptied from the driver’s seat and has a ‘collector full’ alarm). Other notable features include a deck-wash port, which makes it easy to clear compacted clippings from the underside of the cutter-deck; and twin headlights, so you can work-on for as long as it takes to complete the job. An optional mulch-kit is available.

Mountfield 2800SH Ride-On Lawn Mower

Mountfield 2800SH Ride-On Lawn Mower £1999.00
This compact ride-on mower from Mountfield will come into its own on smaller lawns (1 – 1.5-acres), especially those with obstacles to mow around and tight corners to negotiate. It’s driven by a high-performance 398cc Honda engine; the same electric key-start power-unit you’ll find on many of Mountfield’s larger lawn tractors; and it’s equipped with a hydrostatic drive that gives you infinitely variable control of the ground-speed in both forward and reverse. The Mountfield 2800SH Ride-on Mower comes with a high-volume grass-collector which can be emptied from the driver’s seat (a buzzer lets you know when the collector’s full). Its 71cm cutter-deck has seven heights-of-cut (30 – 80mm), so you can make adjustments to suit the conditions; and an optional mulch-kit is available, should you wish to mow with the collector detached.

Lawnflite 604-GLH Lawn & Garden Tractor

Lawnflite 604-GLH Lawn & Garden Tractor £1999.00
The ultra-tight 46cm turning-circle and manoeuvrability-enhancing hydrostatic-drive on the Lawnflite 604-GLH work with its compact design to make it ideal for lawns with tight-corners, obstacles and narrow gateways to negotiate. Its single-bladed cutter-deck is fan-assisted, so you can be confident of superb collection performance in all conditions; while its powerful 13.5hp engine offers the sort of dependability and performance for which top American manufacturers Briggs & Stratton have become deservedly renowned. This model comes with a very large-capacity grass-catcher, which you can work without thanks to the inclusion of a drop-down discharge-chute. It utilises the ‘Fast Attach’ system, which allows for the rapid, tool-free detachment of the deck (and other accessories) for maintenance and towing applications; and it’s equipped with a soft-grip steering-wheel and a deluxe seat, so you’ll be able to finish the task in comfort. The 76cm cutting-width on the Lawnflite 604-GLH Lawn & Garden Tractor is suitable for grassed-areas of between one and two acres.

Eastwood EVLS10T 10 Ton Petrol Powered Vertical Log Splitter

Eastwood EVLS10T 10 Ton Petrol Powered Vertical Log Splitter £749.00
This high powered petrol log splitter delivers an incredibly large splitting force of 10 tonnes and will out-perform anything else in its class. It has the ability to handle large sized logs up to 40 cm in diameter and 135 cm in length. The 6.5 hp OHV engine provides you with the ability to work away from the mains power supply and as a special offer exclusive to MowDIRECT we are currently offering a FOC Splitting Wedge which will speed up your work rate! LOOK>>>LOW, LOW PRICE!>>SAVE £250!

Einhell BG-PC 4040 Petrol Chainsaw (40cm Guide Bar)

Einhell BG-PC 4040 Petrol Chainsaw (40cm Guide Bar) £119.95
A powerful semi-professional chainsaw, the Einhell BG-PC 4040 is ideal for felling, pruning and heavier-duty DIY applications. Its high-performance 40.1cc engine is equipped with an electronic ignition, choke and primer, so starting is reliable and hassle-free; while its lightweight build (7kg) and comprehensive vibration-damping work to minimise user-fatigue during long sessions. Automatic lubrication ensures the Oregon cutting-gear is kept in tip-top condition; and a fast-acting chain-brake brings the chain to a stop in a matter of milliseconds should the saw ‘kick-back’. A robust chain-catch ensures the chain cannot jump off of the rail; while a large-capacity 400ml fuel-tank will enable you to get more done between refuelling-stops.

Einhell BG-GR-57 Lawn & Garden Roller

Einhell BG-GR-57 Lawn & Garden Roller £59.95
This extra wide lawn roller from Einhell has a 57 cm (22