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Price reductions at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - December 20th, 2010.
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Suttons Seeds reduced the price on these items today

Carry Cart - Spare Clamps (Pack of 4)

Carry Cart – Spare Clamps (Pack of 4) was £2.50 now £1.95
WAS £2.50, NOW £1.95, SAVE £55p!Spare pack of 4 resin clamps to secure bags on Carry Cart.. . . . . .

Biodegradable Peat Pots

Biodegradable Peat Pots was £5.95 now £3.95
WAS £5.95, NOW £3.95, SAVE £2.00!Because these peat pots are biodegradable, the seeds, plug plants and cuttings that you raise in them can be planted out, pot-and-all, into the garden causing minimal root disturbance and producing stronger, healthier plants. And because the pots lighten as they dry out, you know exactly when to water them! Each pack contains: 24 x 6cm (2¼”) round pots, 16 x 7cm (2¾”) round pots, 20 x 6cm (2¼”) square pots and 36 x 4cm (1½”) square pots.. Mixed Pack of 96. . . . .

Carry Cart - Spare Bags (Pack of 10)

Carry Cart – Spare Bags (Pack of 10) was £7.95 now £4.95
WAS £7.95, NOW £4.95, SAVE £3.00!Pack of 10 spare Carry Cart bags.. . . . . .

Long Handled Patio Knife

Long Handled Patio Knife was £8.50 now £5.50
WAS £8.50, NOW £5.50, SAVE £3.00!TRemove those ugly and annoying weeds from all the cracks and crevices in your patios and paths without the need to stoop or kneel. This handy gadget has a u-shaped hooked blade at the end that whips them out in seconds! Particularly good at getting out the weeds between paving slabs. Length approximately 87cm (34″).. . . . . .

Replacement Nutrition Bars (Pack of 3)

Replacement Nutrition Bars (Pack of 3) was £8.95 now £5.95
WAS £8.95, NOW £5.95, SAVE £3.00!A pack of 3 replacement nutrition bars for these cheerful colour Bird Bistros.. . . . . .

Garden Knee Pads

Garden Knee Pads was £12.95 now £6.47
WAS £12.95, NOW £6.47, SAVE £6.48!All gardeners, however well-equipped, would welcome this pair of adjustable cushion knee pads. Strong and comfortable, they also retain body heat and help prevent stiff joints.. . . . . .

Flowerbed Bird Feeders

Flowerbed Bird Feeders was £9.95 now £6.95
WAS £9.95, NOW £6.95, SAVE &pound3.00!These colourful natural feeders, made from dried fruit pods, will feed the birds and brighten up your garden too. Simply push them into flowerbeds, borders, lawns, patio containers and window boxes, or attach them to a fence or pergola. Height approximately 41cm (16″). In a pack of three assorted colours, and a pack of bird seed completes this lovely gift.. . . . . .

Compact Rootrainers

Compact Rootrainers was £8.95 now £6.95
WAS £8.95, NOW £6.95, SAVE £2.00!A compact version of the best growing systems for seeds, seedlings and cuttings. Rootrainers’ unique deep ribbed cells produce strong, fibrous root systems without creating pot bound roots. They take less space and use less compost – ideal for windowsills. 20 cells, 11cm (4&½”) deep.. . . . . .

Garden Cushion

Garden Cushion was £11.95 now £8.95
WAS £11.95, NOW £8.95, SAVE £3.00!This padded cushion has handy storage pockets for tools, gloves and all those little bits and pieces you need to be close at hand. It makes our garden rocker more comfortable.. . . . . .