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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - December 23rd, 2010.
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New lines today at MowDirect

Turfmaster SB6000SS Broadcast-Spreader (With Salt Deflector)

Turfmaster SB6000SS Broadcast-Spreader (With Salt Deflector) £299.00
This heavy-duty broadcast-spreader from Turfmaster comes with a quick-fit salt-deflector that restricts the spread-width to 56cm; perfect for clearing pavements and pathways. It has a finger-tip control for hassle-free adjustment of the spread-pattern; and it’s equipped with a robust plastic hopper that’s easily cleaned and will not corrode. The Turfmaster SB6000SS runs on a pair of large-diameter pneumatic tyres which provide the traction required for effective operation on mud and ice. A steel-mesh hopper-screen eliminates clogging; and a rain-cover facilitates wet-weather spreading. This model has a maximum spread-width of 3.5-metres and will hold up to 60kg of spread-medium.

Mitox B650 Backpack Leaf Blower

Mitox B650 Backpack Leaf Blower £299.00
This high-performance, semi-pro backpack blower from Mitox is driven by a powerful 63.3cc engine that develops an impressive wind-speed of 92m/s, so it’s ideal for the clearance of leaves, litter and similar debris over large areas. Its economical engine works with a very large-capacity 1.6-litre fuel-tank to keep refill-stops to a minimum; while its ergonomic padded backpack provides the user-comfort that’s essential when undertaking large-scale applications. Despite its powerful engine, the Mitox B650 weighs-in at just 11kg.

Mitox 268-LRH Long-Reach Hedgetrimmer

Mitox 268-LRH Long-Reach Hedgetrimmer £249.00
With its overall length of 2.26m and 270