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The Essential Allotment Guide

by Sarah - January 10th, 2011.
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Highly recommended book – an essential for anyone with a kitchen garden or allotment, or anyone who really wants to just grow something this year!
One of his most basic pieces of advice is “grow what you like” … It’s such a simple statment but you know it makes sense like everything he writes. Years of experience condensed into a fantastic book.
This excellent book would make a great birthday gift for a gardener!
• The Essential Allotment Guide by John Harrison ideal for allotment owners and those thinking of taking up a plot
• Compliments Vegetable Growing Month by Month, also by John Harrison
• Great guide for kitchen gardeners and those with larger plots of land
• Includes information on how to find and choose an allotment
• Important questions such as how time consuming and issues with health and safety answered
• Chapters on pests and diseases, fertilisers and which crops to grow
• History of allotments explored
• Setting up your plot – including planning, clearing and basic DIY – all covered
• Family and health benefits explained – how fresh fruit and vegetables are good for you and how you can involve the kids

The Essential Allotment Guide by John Harrison -

The Essential Allotment Guide by John Harrison – £5.95
The Essential Allotment Guide is the latest offering from acclaimed garden author John Harrison and as the title states is essential reading for anyone who has or is thinking of applying for or taking over an allotment or larger plot of vegetable growing land. The Essential Allotment Guide by John Harrison covers all aspects of allotmenteering right through from the important intial questions such as why how big and how much time will it take to planning your plot erecting sheds and buildings which crops to grow and how and even guides to fertilisers the tools you’ll need and when to sow and harvest – it’s all in here! Complimentary to the very successful Vegetable Growing Month by Month by the same author The Essential Allotment Guide has already received rave reviews from the gardening press and growers alike with Emma Townshend in the Independent describing John Harrison as Britain’s greatest allotment authority”.”