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The Growbag frame

by Sarah - January 10th, 2011.
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New product at Harrod Horticultural – this is a great idea. If it’s ever struck you as odd that growbags are so flat when you know how deep plant pots are then you’ll agree this is a great idea for ensuring your plants get the best use of the growbag! It turns growbags on their side making them have a deeper depth of compost for the plants. It also has an easy way of ensuring your tomatoes have something to grow up without putting long canes in your green house.
It’s a fantastic idea that will change the way you use growbags!

The Growbag Frame -

The Growbag Frame – £18.95
The Growbag Frame system helps you get the best from your growbag and allows your patio and greenhouse growbag plants – such as tomatoes peppers and aubergines – to really stretch their legs whilst being firmly supported. The lower crossbar of this growbag support system holds the growbag on its long narrow edge to give a better soil depth for plant root development and creates a watering void to do away with those annoying overflows of water – always a problem when growbags are used on the floor. This steel rod constructed growbag plant growing frame simply slots and clips together is highly portable and easy to dismantle when not in use. Measuring 28cm deep x 86cm wide x 1.2m high the growbag plant frame also features three heavy duty plastic support straps for safe support of climbing growbag plants.

Growbag Frame holds growbag on side to provide a better soil depth
• Measures 28cm deep x 86cm wide x 1.2m high
• Made from tough steel sections
• Gives vastly improved growing results as plant roots have more – and less compacted – soil to explore
• Less water wastage
• Complete with three strong plastic support straps for tying in plants
• Assemble and dismantle in minutes – only 3 sections to clip together
• Easy to store out of season
• Will last year after year
• Portable and lightweight – move around the patio or greenhouse at will
• Ideal for all summer growbag crops
• Use on patio, balcony, in terrace garden or greenhouse