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Price reductions at Tooled Up

by John - January 10th, 2011.
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Tooled Up reduced the price on these products today

Makita Multipurpose Garden Holder

Makita Multipurpose Garden Holder was £16.29 now £15.95
Features:- Multipurpose- four universl pockets in two sizes- Complex front part- Open designed for easy use…

Makita Secateur & Folding Pruning Saw Holder

Makita Secateur & Folding Pruning Saw Holder was £16.29 now £15.95
Features:- Belt loop- Designed to be universal for both secateurs and folding pruning saw- Extra hard-wearing leather border…

Makita Professional Shear Holster

Makita Professional Shear Holster was £26.50 now £24.95
Features:- Adjustable & removable belt loop straps- Rubber straps to fasten the holster to legs- Pocket for sharpening stone…