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New products at Unwins Seeds and Plants

by Sarah - January 12th, 2011.
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Over a hundred new lines at Unwins Seeds & Plants

Apple Collection

Apple Collection £42.65
Apple Collection Braeburn Hillwell – An Improved Superior Selection of Braeburn With better colour and flavour the aromatic fruit is sweet crisp and juicy with excellent all round quality. Keeps its super crisp texture in storage and eats well into March and April. Self-fertile too! Queen Cox – A Self-Fertile Selection of the Classic English Orchard Apple Cox is not always successful in gardens but this selection is much easier to grow because it is self-fertile leading to higher yields. Superior skin colour and mouth-watering too! Crops in September and will keep into the New Year. Red Falstaff – The Heaviest Yielding Apple Yet Recorded It is very easy to grow due to its disease and frost resistance. Produces profuse amounts of blossom and is an excellent pollinator for other varieties. Pick in the second week in October for a wonderful mellow flavour. Stores well often until early March. Highly recommended if you only want one late season apple. Collection consists of 1 Tree of each of the above.

Seedless Grape Duo Pack

Seedless Grape Duo Pack £29.95
Special Offer – SAVE £20%  Duo Pack consists of 1 each of: Flame – Reliably producing a good crop of exceptionally high quality dessert seedless grapes this variety is often found on supermarket shelves. Grow your own fresh picked juiciness and flavour. Lakemount – Indoor & Outdoor. This is a good outdoor seedless variety with large bunches of yellow oval grapes with a good muscat flavour.  

Raspberry Canes: Tulameen - Main Season Floricane

Raspberry Canes: Tulameen – Main Season Floricane £18.75
A widely grown commercial variety that also does exceptionally well in a domestic fruit garden producing heavy crops of large berries. These are bright and glossy and have an excellent flavour. Easy to pick the fruit holds well on the cane even in poor weather. Pick from mid to late July for about 4 weeks.

Hostas Collection* (5 Bare Roots)

Hostas Collection* (5 Bare Roots) £17.95
Buy all 5 varieties and save £11.00! Hostas Collection comprises of 5 bare roots 1 each of: -Hosta Bressingham Blue -Hosta Fire and Ice -Hosta Paul’s Glory -Hosta Ghostmaster -Hosta Minuteman. Hostas are shade and moisture loving clump-forming perennial plants with lily-like flowers. They make excellent pond-side and container plants. They prefer good loamy soil and are not prone to many

Hemerocallis Collection* (5 Bare Roots)

Hemerocallis Collection* (5 Bare Roots) £17.50
Buy all five varieties together and SAVE £17.00! Hemerocallis Collection consists of 5 bare root each of: -Hemerocallis Purplelicious -Hemerocallis Entrapment -Hemerocallis Doouble Cutie -Hemerocallis Elegant Candy -Hemerocallis Chicago Apache. Daylilies produce many elegant trumpet-like flowers during in summer. They are easy to grow in most gardens doing particularly well in the mixed perennial borders. Also are good for mass planting and container growing. Prefers sun or light shade and well- drained soil but will tolerate poorer soil and heavy clay. Makes a Stunning Patio Pot Plant

Fig Tree: Brown Turkey

Fig Tree: Brown Turkey £15.95
The most reliable fig for the British climate and easily capable of producing a heavy crop of sweet luscious fruit from late August. Most suited to growing against a south facing wall or fence. Figs are very vigorous once established and are best managed by restricting the roots – ideally grow in a large pot or tub. Will become a handsome specimen in a year or so. We normally despatch bare root fruit trees from late January/early February through to mid/late March. However if conditions are particularly favourable we may start despatching some varieties from mid/late November.

Geranium Gerainbow Collection* BUY 2 GET 1 FREE

Geranium Gerainbow Collection* BUY 2 GET 1 FREE £15.90
With this special offer you’ll get 15 Plants for the price of 10! Create a Rainbow in Your Garden! Gerainbows are a range of incredibly easy to grow Ivy Leaf Geraniums. The masses of giant brightly coloured flowers have blooms 20% bigger than the average geranium making them a real showstopper in the garden. They are absolutely ideal for hanging baskets and patio pots whether planted singly or in groups. Preferring full sun they will tolerate most conditions and for best results feed well and dead head the plants regularly. Half hardy perennials. The collection consists of 5 Young Plants 1 each of: -Neon -Purple Bi-Colour -Pink -White -Red.

Chilli Plant Collection

Chilli Plant Collection £14.95
Our Chilli Plant Collection contains 3 plants each of:Apache – A very attractive dwarf variety which can be grown on the windowsill in a conservatory or on a warm summer patio. Provides an excellent yield of bright red fruits. Fuego F1 – This early maturing hot variety produces long meaty fruit with smooth dark green skin turning red when ripe. It is a vigorous plant and does well in a container. Scotch Bonnet – Extremely hot – not for the faint-hearted this one! Squashed bell-shaped fruit are full of flavour and intense heat. They ripen from green to yellow and will dry and store well. Giant Jalapeno – This has long been America’s favourite chilli and has become one of the most popular in Britain. The elongated pods can be used when green or red for sauces or pizzas. Described as ‘medium hot’.


Growpots £14.95
Growpots help to increase your tomato yields by giving aconsistent feed and watering regime known as “ringculture”. They give a greater depth to the growbag allowing for extra root growth. Three Growpots fit neatly onto a standard size growbag just add some extra compost in the centre of each. Growpots can also be used for growing other plants.


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