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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - January 15th, 2011.
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Blooming Direct has these new products today

Amore Mio Aquapack Bouquet

Amore Mio Aquapack Bouquet £175.00
The ultimate Valentine’s Day gift. A generous aqua pack of romantic red Roses with a sprinking of Diamante. Amore Mio means My Love in Italian!

Bacetto Aquapack Bouquet

Bacetto Aquapack Bouquet £93.90
Say I love you with this magnificent display of red Roses, with a touch of Diamante sparkle. The perfect Valentine’s gift. Bacetto is Italian for kiss!

Amadeus Handtied Bouquet

Amadeus Handtied Bouquet £79.95
12 Beautiful long stemed Red Roses presented with luscious foliage and arranged in a vase for easy care. This beautiful gift of the Flower of Love is the perfect Valentine’s Day delivery. Amadeus is the Roman god of love!

Cara Mia Aquapack Bouquet

Cara Mia Aquapack Bouquet £69.95
Make a real statement with this sumptuous aqua pack. Your Valentine will adore the perfect red Roses in this romantic gift. Cara Mia is Italian for My Dear!

Ti Amo Bouquet

Ti Amo Bouquet £59.95
What could be more romantic than perfect pink Roses for Valentine’s Day? This vase arrangement will warm her heart. Ti amo is Italian for I love you!

Bella Handtied Bouquet

Bella Handtied Bouquet £49.95
12 Red Roses, the Flowers of Love. Beautifully presented in a hand-tied Bouquet and Aqua Wrapped for added freshness. Bella is Italian for beautiful!

Tesoro Handtied Bouquet

Tesoro Handtied Bouquet £45.90
A sumptuous selection of flowers in rich reds, burgundy and pinks, featuring Lilies, Roses and Carnations beautifully presented in a hand-tied for the perfect Valentine’s Day delivery. Tesoro means sweetheart in Italian!

Un Millione Di Baci Aquapack Bouquet

Un Millione Di Baci Aquapack Bouquet £45.75
An elegant aqua pack of beautiful red Roses and pink Gerbera. A traditional and romantic Valentine’s gift. Un millione di baci is a million kisses in Italian!

Amata Aquapack Bouquet

Amata Aquapack Bouquet £45.75
A bold aqua pack bursting with deep red Chrysanthemums and Carnations. A perfect Valentine’s gift for someone. Amata means beloved in Italian!