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Gift ideas for gardeners

by Sarah - January 17th, 2011.
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If you’ve got a birthday present for someone who loves being out in the garden then look at this selection of gifts that can help them enjoy the garden more after the hard work is done! A pretty garden can be enjoyed long into the evenings in the summer.

Firebox just added these new products ideal for gardener’s birthday presents! Some nice little treats for making the garden pretty!

Solar Lanterns (6 Pack)

Solar Lanterns (6 Pack) £29.99
Add a touch of glimmer-glamour to garden soirees and wave goodbye to candles and cables with these solar-powered lanterns. Featuring concertina-style nylon shades and automatic dusk sensors, Solar Lanterns are like mini Tinkerbells minus the annoying smirk.

Solar Powered Plant Pot (Colour Changing)

Solar Powered Plant Pot (Colour Changing) £22.99
Making terracotta seem about as interesting as Alan Titchmarsh’s jumper collection, this funky pot soaks up the sun’s rays to produce a glowing display that adds ambience to any garden. Choose from constant white or a groovy colour-shifting version.

Solar Fairy Lights (50 Ultra Bright LEDs)

Solar Fairy Lights (50 Ultra Bright LEDs) £19.99
Want to add a touch of magic to outdoor soirees? Then get busy arranging these solar powered lights around branches, doorways, shrubs and parasols. Your garden will look like it’s been sprinkled with fairy dust.

Mathmos Wind Light (Blue)

Mathmos Wind Light (Blue) £7.69
Impress fellow night owls with your eco credentials and put on a bit of a glow show with this funky little wind-powered light. Its LEDs are powered by a titchy turbine that will leave festival goers, planet huggers and garden gnomes agog.