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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - January 18th, 2011.
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MowDirect just added these new items

Cub Cadet CC1016RD-E Lawn & Garden Tractor

Cub Cadet CC1016RD-E Lawn & Garden Tractor £3299.00
The Cub Cadet CC1016RD-E boasts all the features you’ll need to tackle large-scale lawn-maintenance applications with the minimum of fuss. It’s equipped with a hydrostatic transmission, which gives you control of both the ground-speed and the forward/reverse function from one foot-pedal; and it’s powered by a 16hp Kawasaki engine with pumped lubrication for the efficient oiling of key engine parts when working on slopes. This high-end domestic lawn-tractor offers ‘Direct Collect’ bagging, whereby the air-flow created by the three blades ensures highly efficient, blockage-free collection (an optional rear deflector and mulch-kit are available, should you wish to mow without the grass-catcher). It features the patented ‘Fast Attach’ system, which allows for the tool-free removal and fitting of the deck, bumper bar and other accessories; and it benefits from an electric tipping-mechanism, which means you can empty the impressively capacious 350-litre grass-collector without dismounting. Comfort features include a soft-grip steering wheel, deluxe driver’s seat and handy cup holder. This model’s hydrostatic-drive and extra-tight turning-radius make it one of the most agile machines in its class. A cutting-width of 92cm makes it ideally suited to paddocks and lawns of two-acres and up.

Cub Cadet CC1017 Lawn & Garden Tractor

Cub Cadet CC1017 Lawn & Garden Tractor £2799.00
Lawn tractors in Cub Cadet’s 1000-series offer high-specification features throughout and represent outstanding value-for-money. The Cub Cadet CC1017 is powered by a premium-quality 17 hp Kohler engine with a cast-iron cylinder bore and a forged-steel crankshaft for a very long working-life. Its foot-operated hydrostatic drive offers the sort of control and manoeuvrability that a manual gearbox simply can’t provide; while its exclusive deck-wash system ensures you’ll have no trouble keeping the deck and blade free of performance-inhibiting grass-clippings. Cruise control allows you to lock the forward-speed when undertaking long, uninterrupted runs; and an electronic PTO ensures smooth blade engagement with minimal wear. This side-discharge lawn tractor comes with a mulch-kit as standard, so it’s as good a performer on short, dry grass as it is on long, damp grass (an optional collector is available). It benefits from anti-scalp tyres, which prevent turf damage when turning; and it’s equipped with a cast-iron front axle for strength and durability. Cub Cadet’s ‘Fast Attach’ system makes it possible to remove the deck and other accessories without tools; while their ‘RevTek’ system facilitates safe mowing when in reverse gear. This model has a 92cm width-of-cut.

MTD T330M Garden Cultivator

MTD T330M Garden Cultivator £499.00
This robust and powerful front-tine tiller from MTD will prove a great buy for the keen home veg-grower or allotment keeper. Its high-performance 179cc MTD engine, self-sharpening steel tines and high-torque gearing work to ensure the toughest soil-types can be tackled with ease; while its adjustable working-width (33 – 61cm) will allow you to take-on both primary and secondary tillage with equal confidence. The transmission is enclosed in a permanently sealed case for year-after-year of maintenance-free service; and the handlebar is height-adjustable, so you can set it to suit your stature.

MTD VG45BM Lawn Scarifier / Verticutter

MTD VG45BM Lawn Scarifier / Verticutter £499.00
When moss and dead grass cuttings build-up on the surface-pan of your lawn, you’ll find that healthy growth is severely impaired. The MTD VG45BM provides the ideal solution, not only teasing-out any accumulation, but also cutting tiny slits in the turf for improved aeration. It has an unusually large 45cm working-width, so it’s ideal for the fast coverage of more substantial lawns; and it benefits from an adjustable working-depth, which provides the flexibility required to tackle varying conditions. A steel deck provides strength and impact-resistance; while a folding handlebar allows for compact storage. This model comes with a large-capacity thatch-catcher for fewer emptying-stops.

Lawnflite E2221W Petrol Hedgetrimmer (Robin Engine)

Lawnflite E2221W Petrol Hedgetrimmer (Robin Engine) £279.00
Incredibly lightweight and easy-to-handle, the Lawnflite E2221W will prove a great buy for those seeking a machine that’s a step-up from their old mains-powered hedgetrimmer. It’s driven by a powerful and reliable 22cc petrol engine that will provide the sort of performance you just won’t get from an electric motor; and it’s equipped with a set of premium-quality 56cm double-sided blades for a fast work-rate and a clean cut. This model’s well-balanced design and ergonomic handle configuration make it highly manoeuvrable, so you’ll have no trouble creating more intricate shapes. Weighs only 4.98kg.

Mitox 3600-UX Petrol Brushcutter (‘U’ Handle)

Mitox 3600-UX Petrol Brushcutter (‘U’ Handle) £239.00
This high-performance, straight-shaft brushcutter is fitted with a more powerful 32.6cc engine, so it’s capable of taking-on the most demanding domestic brush-clearance and grass-trimming jobs. The engine is fuel-efficient and easy to start, and is isolated from the shaft to ensure minimal vibration is transferred to the operator’s arms and hands. The Mitox 3600-UX comes as standard with a nylon-line head (for day-to-day grass-trimming) and a heavy-duty metal blade (for dealing with dense undergrowth). It weighs only 7kg and is supplied with a shoulder-harness, so lengthy stints can be tackled with ease; and it’s equipped with a commercial-style ‘U’ (‘cowhorn’) handle for improved control and manoeuvrability. The line-head on this model features a bump-feed mechanism that makes it possible to spool-out fresh line without having to put the brushcutter down.

MTD 395-PO Hand-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower

MTD 395-PO Hand-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower £169.00
This new entry-level lawn mower from MTD is lightweight and easy to use, and will come into its own on smaller lawns that don’t have a convenient mains-supply. Its two-in-one design with integrated rear-deflector means you can either collect or discharge grass-clippings; while it three-way height-of-cut adjustment ensures you’ll be able to achieve the finish you’ve been looking for. The MTD 395-PO is driven by a powerful 1.7kW two-stroke MTD engine with a classic recoil-type starter. The deck is made from impact-and corrosion-resistant polypropylene for superior longevity; and the 40-litre grass-collector is made from soft material, so it can be collapsed to save space in the shed. This model weighs-in at a mere 19kg and has a compact 39.5cm width-of-cut.

Turfmaster SB-4300RD Push-Type Broadcast Spreader

Turfmaster SB-4300RD Push-Type Broadcast Spreader £89.95
With this simple but highly-effective hand-push broadcast spreader from Turfmaster at your disposal, you’ll be able to apply your chosen spread-medium quickly, evenly and efficiently. Its 34kg-capacity hopper is made from robust plastic, so it’s rust-resistant and easy to keep clean; while its heavy-duty 10-inch diameter polymer wheels make it easy to push and provide the traction you’ll need when working on difficult terrain. The spread-width on the Turfmaster SB-4300RD is easy to adjust between 2.5 and 3.5-metres, using a conveniently positioned fingertip control.

Wolf-Garten 45cm Aluminium Snow-Shovel (SNM-45ZMAD)

Wolf-Garten 45cm Aluminium Snow-Shovel (SNM-45ZMAD) £54.95
This robust aluminium snow-shovel from Wolf-Garten will far out-perform your old garden shovel when it comes to dealing with the sort of extreme winter-weather that’s become increasingly common in recent years. Its ergonomic ‘D’-grip handle, lightweight design and generous 45cm clearing-width all work to making lifting, pushing and throwing large-volumes of snow a great deal easier. The tempered aluminium used to make this shovel is impact-resistant down to temperatures of – 40