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New products at Unwins Seeds and Plants

by Sarah - January 19th, 2011.
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New products added today at Unwins Seeds & Plants

Complete Pond Plant Collection* (15 Plants)

Complete Pond Plant Collection* (15 Plants) £15.90
Complete Pond Plant Collection The Complete Collection is a mix of Marginal Pond-side and Native Wetland plants – top varieties all selected to help you turn your pond into a mini-nature reserve! Grown from cuttings they’ll be supplied as large garden ready plug plants approx 10 – 12cm (4 – 5″) from root to tip. Collection includes 1 of each of the following varieties: Pond-side Plants  Arum Lily Japenese Water Iris Chameleon Plant Cardinal Flower Golden Striped Rush Marginal Plants Oenanthe Flamingo Water Plantain Iris pseudacorus Water Spearmint Lizard Tail Native Wetland Plants Water Mint Creeping Jenny Water Forget-Me-Not Purple Loosestrife Marsh Marigold

Large Flowered Gladioli Collection* (75 Corms)

Large Flowered Gladioli Collection* (75 Corms) £14.75
Buy the entire Large Flowered Gladioli Collection and save £10.00. The Collection consists of 75 Corms 15 of each variety: -Green Star -Wine and Roses -Rose Supreme -Blue Frost -Florentina. Gladioli are easy to grow and make beautiful flowersin the garden and in floral arrangements.Large-flowered Gladioli have very long flowerspikes and 6-7 florets reaching up to 4in/10cm in width and can reach the height of 3-4ft/90-120cm. An absolute ‘must’ in any cutting garden or border they’re a staple for flower arrangers everywhere.They will thrive in fertile well-drained soil (add a little fertiliser to encourage growth).Gladioli prefer full sun and plenty of water but will still grow successfully in partial shade. Plant your corms in spring and remember to stake the young growth. In autumn lift the new developed corms and store in a cool dry and dark place until next spring.