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Price reductions at Tooled Up

by John - January 28th, 2011.
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Tooled Up has cut the price of these items

Plastic Hose Hanger

Plastic Hose Hanger was £1.99 now £1.95
Practical device for storing your garden hose.Features:- Holds 30m (100ft) of 1/2&quot (13mm) hose- Heavy duty robust construction- 2 Wall fixing points- Integral storage secures hose ends & accessories- Screws easily into wal…

1 Litre Water Pressure Sprayer

1 Litre Water Pressure Sprayer was £3.01 now £2.95
Features:- Can be used with herbicides, pesticides etc..- Adjustable spray nozzle- Sold loose1 Litre…

Plastic 3 Arm Rotating Water Sprinkler

Plastic 3 Arm Rotating Water Sprinkler was £3.01 now £2.95
Features:- Fit hose directly onto sprinkler- Plastic base with wheels- Three arms- Made from durable plastic…

Plastic Pulsating Garden Water Sprinkler

Plastic Pulsating Garden Water Sprinkler was £3.01 now £2.95
Features:- Water sprinkler with maximum versatility- Made from solid plastic material- Can be adjusted from partial to full circle- Complete with spike…