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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - January 31st, 2011.
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New products added today at Suttons Seeds

Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow Plants

Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow Plants £14.99
This superb euphorbia looks great all year round. It’s fully hardy and boasts creamy-yellow and blue green varigated flowers and foliage, turning pink in cool weather. Plus its tolerant of heat and drought and is very easy to grow. Height 50cm (20″).. Pack of 3 Potted Plants. Full growing instructions included.. August-October. 41-50CM. . Ideal for beds, borders and patio containers. Prefers full sun.

This husk-free feed combines the high energy ingredients essential for hard working adult birds with the right minerals, vitamins, trace elements and proteins to help fledglings grow and build up their immune system. It is flavoured with aniseed which is a digestive aid but also attracts birds so adults will find feeding stations easily, and fledglings will be encouraged to forage. This mixture contains a garden bird’s favourite food such as sunflower hearts, mealworms, suet pellets, niger seed, peanut granules and much more. The mix can be fed from a tubular feeder, on a bird table or from the ground.. 2kg Pack. . . . .