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New products at Harrod Horticultural

by John - February 1st, 2011.
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New products today at Harrod Horticultural

Log Basket -

Log Basket – £34.95
This stunning and extemely capacious Log Basket provides the answer to fireside log storage and the only problem it may present is attracting more attention than the fire itself!The rustic wicker construction of the log basket really completes the fireside look and the dolphin coloured finish only adds to the appearance – but it’s the strength and storage capacity of this timeless 46cm deep by 34cm wide log carrier – complete with easy grip carry holes – which really clinches it. But don’t restrict the log storage basket to fireside duties; it’s equally adept and carrying and storing all manner of household items!

Ash Bucket -

Ash Bucket – £21.95
This steel Ash Bucket will help keep you fireside or hearth clean and tidy and allow you to enjoy a roaring log fire to the full; not only that but the attractive bucket can be used to transport valuable wood ash to the compost heap. Compete with a carrying handle lid and the word ‘ASH’ beautifully stencilled on the side this 31cm high by 32cm diameter bucket looks great both empty and in use and is a valuable addition to your set of fireside tools!

Kindling Wood Bucket -

Kindling Wood Bucket – £17.95
The Kindling Wood Bucket will help get your log fire off to a roaring start by helping with the collection and transportation of the small sticks and pieces of wood essential for building a successful long lasting and blazing fire.The ideal fireside companion to the Ash Bucket this 30cm high by 29.5cm diameter steel bucket features a carrying handle and the words ‘Kindling Wood’ on the side and is ideal for storing kindling right on the hearth. Why not add an aromatic woodland touch to your warming winter fire by collecting pine cones in the kindling wood bucket and adding them to the flames? The scent is something to behold!

Coal Bucket -

Coal Bucket – £17.95
The steel Coal Bucket makes trips to the coal bunker or cellar that much more enjoyable as this 30cm high by 29.5cm diameter steel bucket easily carries plenty of coal to start or top up a warming winter fire. The carrying handle makes coal collection easy the coal bucket looks great matched up with both our Ash and Kindling Wood buckets and your only problem will be deciding to empty it as it looks just as good full up on the hearth! The metal fireside coal bucket also features the word ‘COAL’ on the side and represents an ideal gift.

Winter Tree Wash -

Winter Tree Wash – £9.95
This natural Winter Tree Wash is ideal for use in an organic garden and by following the ‘prevention is better than cure’ motto your fruit trees and bushes will see the benefits come growing season! Based on natural plant oils the tree wash liquid is mixed with water and sprayed on dormant fruit trees and bushes where it takes care of hibernating pests and their eggs; the result is far reduced pest activity when the weather warms up. The tree wash is supplied in a 500ml bottle complete with dosing chamber; just 10ml of winter tree wash will make a 100ml of spray and key application times are between October and December and again in late March. And it’s RHS recommended!

GrowTubes -

GrowTubes – £2.75
These biodegradable GrowTube bottomless pots are absolutely priceless when it comes to sowing growing and transplanting tap rooting vegetables such as peas and beans along with deep planted veg such as leeks – every potting shed should have some!Made from ‘original biodegradable fyba’ the 12.5cm (5) deep by 6cm (2¼”) diameter tubes will keep the roots of seedlings and young plants warm and moist – and when the plants start to outgrow their home (indicated by their emergence through the side) then simply transplant the GrowTube into the soil! The GrowTube organic baseless pots (supplied in packs of 20) will introduce you to a growing process where you don’t have to store or clean pots; there’s no potting on and using up more compost; you can forget transplant-shocking the plants and because the roots are air pruned as they push through the fibre pot you;ll get bigger stronger and healthier plants. GrowTubes are winners all round!”

19mm Plastic Hoop Clips -

19mm Plastic Hoop Clips – £1.95
A pack of 10 of these 19mm Plastic Hoop Clips will go a long way to keeping your home grown fruit and vegetables from birds inescts and the massed ranks of garden pests intent on munching your allotment and kitchen garden grown produce.Manufactured from long lasting acetyl these netting clips will securely hold all forms of garden netting insect mesh and fleece to any of our 19mm diameter galvanised tubular steel ctop protection hoops withstanding all the vagries of the British weather in the process. The hoop clips are designed with an ‘handle’ for ease of use and will fix netting in place without the need for fiddly tying with string and in the case of fine meshes and fleece creating a hole which pests will gladly use as a door! 19mm plastic hoop clips are supplied in packs of 10 and will last season after season after season…