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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - February 5th, 2011.
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New lines today at Blooming Direct

Pastel Pearl Aquapack Bouquet

Pastel Pearl Aquapack Bouquet £44.95
A classic pink and purple hand-tied featuring Roses, Germini, spray Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Lisianthus and September Flower.

Friendship Aquapack Bouquet

Friendship Aquapack Bouquet £44.95
A dozen yellow Roses which signify joy, friendship, respect and care. The ultimate Golden wedding anniversary gift.

Raspberry Sorbet Aquapack Bouquet

Raspberry Sorbet Aquapack Bouquet £39.95
Rose, Lily and Germini hand-tied featuring hot cerise Roses and mini Gerbera.

Citrine Sorbet Aquapack Bouquet

Citrine Sorbet Aquapack Bouquet £38.95
Rich brown Anthuriums set the scene in this aqua pack, although Roses and Gerbera are still forces to be reckoned with in this contemporary design.

Just Stunning Aquapack Bouquet

Just Stunning Aquapack Bouquet £35.95
Shades of yellow Roses, Gerbera and Carnations mingle with purple Lisianthus and Statice for a bold effect in this luscious aqua pack.

Peridot Pearl Aquapack Bouquet

Peridot Pearl Aquapack Bouquet £35.95
Green and white for sheer elegance shown here with green bloom Chrysanthemum, palest green Carnations, white Roses, Lisianthus and September Flower.

Peach Sundae Aquapack Bouquet

Peach Sundae Aquapack Bouquet £35.95
Peach Roses and Lilies are the heroes of this aqua pack hand-tied.

Garnet Glory Aquapack Bouquet

Garnet Glory Aquapack Bouquet £35.95
This bouquet is filled with rich, dark red and velvety Roses, Gerbera and Chrysanthemums. Hot pink Carnations put some zing in it.

Amethyst Appeal Aquapack Bouquet

Amethyst Appeal Aquapack Bouquet £35.95
Mauves and creams are the star combination in this aqua pack hand-tied. Roses take the lead with Lisanthus and Chrysanthemums. Great for a Silver wedding gift.