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New products at Garden Centre Online

by Sarah - February 5th, 2011.
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Garden Centre Online has these new products today

Original Wormery 100 Litres

Original Wormery 100 Litres £55.99
This is the Original Wormery; an ingenious and convenient method of composting kitchen vegetable waste quickly particularly for those of us with small gardens or just a balcony! Tiger worms thrive in the specially designed container living off and breaking down uncooked vegetable matter to product a nutrient rich liquid which is removed via the small tap, diluted and used to fertilize any plants indoors or outdoors. It is small but substantial with a 100 litre capacity.

Timber Grow Bed Extension

Timber Grow Bed Extension £39.99
This sturdy long lasting Timber Grow bed enables any flat area to be used to grow veg! Pre drilled treated timber panels bolt together to create 1.4sq metre vegetable patch. If more soil depth is required the frames are stackable. Steel plant support loops not included.

Easy 2 Grow Kit

Easy 2 Grow Kit £26.99
Water your vegetables automatically for at least 14 days without mains water or electricity. Perfect for your tomatoes, peppers, cucumber and aubergine. The 47 litre reservoir waters the plants via the unique Aquavalve. The system is expandable with up to three 2 pot trays per tank. The easy to install extension kit comes with the Aquavalve, tray and two pots plus full instructions

2 Tier Boot Tray

2 Tier Boot Tray £14.99
Keep floors clean and garden boots and wellies tidy with this 2 tier boot tray. Supplied flat packed for easy home assembly.

Brushwood Screen 4m x 1m

Brushwood Screen 4m x 1m £11.99
Brushwood Screen is an ideal low cost and attractive disguise for any tatty older fences or for screening off an unsightly service area. It is easy and simple to install, at a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole fence! Simply attach it to the existing fence with wire cable ties.

Self Watering Windowsill Tray

Self Watering Windowsill Tray £8.99
Using the simplicity of capillary matting, this self watering plant tray keeps your plants watered during trips away and reduces the frequency of watering when you at home, giving you more time to do the gardening you want to do. Robust and long lasting. 

5 x Porous Pipe Straight Connector

5 x Porous Pipe Straight Connector £4.99
Pack of 5 straight connectors to connect lengths of porous pipe with 90° corners.  Good for custom making irrigation systems for large areas.