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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - February 5th, 2011.
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Suttons Seeds has these new items today

Buy this Collection (1 tree each of Plum Victoria, Apple Queen Cox, Cherry Summer Sun) for just £50.00 – saving £6.85 – and get Apple Redlove® FREE!Plum Victoria – Excellent for pie and jam-making and also delicious eaten fresh from the tree. Crops in late August.Apple Queen Cox – The most well known and well-loved English apple. This self-fertile apple sets good crops which can be picked from late September.Cherry Summer Sun – Succulent fruits that are ready to harvest in late July. Delicious fresh from the tree or harvested and prepared for that special dessert.Apple Redlove® – The fruit sensation that everyone’s talking about!• Uniquely coloured – rosy-red flesh with a beautiful pattern running through it.• Deliciously tasty – with a texture that can be likened to a Cox but with an extra range of subtle flavours.• Easy to grow – in pots or in the garden.• Disease resistant – exceptionally high resistance to scab.• Attractive, unusual, long-lasting, deep pink spring blossom.• Versatile in the kitchen – delicious eaten raw and ideal for cooking (even retains its red colour when cooked).Our exclusive red-fleshed apple Redlove boasts many times the antioxidant content of normal apples making it the healthiest apple you can grow!Supermarkets, commercial growers and drinks manufacturers are desperate to get their hands on Redlove, so this is your chance to have your own crop of Redlove before they are available in shops!. Pack of 3 Trees + 1 Redlove FREE – SAVE £6.85!. Full growing instructions included.. . . .

Collection contains 8 plants (1 Gooseberry Espera, 2 Raspberry Twotimer Sugana, 1 Blackberry Navaho Bigandearly + 4 Raspberry Twotimer Sugana FREE!)Gooseberry Espera – This superb variety produces healthy, upright growth, and a heavy crop of very large, juicy, smooth-skinned, dark red fruit from mid June. The aroma and flavour is exquisite – pop them into your mouth and enjoy a taste explosion!Raspberry Twotimer Sugana – This versatile raspberry earns its name from the two crops it will give you in the same year! It will crop on the new season’s growth, August-October, but if you leave these stems it will re-crop the following June. The delicious fruit are larger than any other autumn fruiting variety. Plus, with a strong, upright habit they are ideal for growing in containers on the patio.Blackberry Navaho Bigandearly – This blackberry crops early, and boasts BIG fruit! And you don’t need a lot of space to grow it. Its upright, self-supporting habit makes it ideal for smaller areas of the garden or even on a wigwam of canes in a container. The large, sweet fruit are produced in abundance from early July to August. Plus it’s virtually thornless for easy picking!. Pack of 8 Plants. Full growing instructions included.. . . .

The Best Vegetable Growing Kit EVER – ONLY £29.99 + FREE Flower Garden worth £14.99!All you need to be able to cook fresh and tasty vegetables all summer. Perfect for anyone with a few m² and a small selection of containers.119 veg plants + 3 packs of easy-to-grow seeds + 60 FREE essential summer flowers – 1 kit delivered in 1 box, at just the right time for planting. Contains: 10 potato tubers, approximately 45 onion sets, 18 beetroot plants, 18 mixed lettuce plants, 18 perpetual spinach plants, 3 tomato plants, 2 courgette plants, 2 sweet red pepper plants, 2 chilli pepper plants and 1 cucumber plant.Plus our easiest to grow seed: 1 packet of Runner Bean Moonlight – a new self-fertile variety to ensure you get a bumper crop! Packets of easy-to-grow Primed Carrot and Parsnip seeds – the priming process bring the seeds to the very point of germination, so that as soon as they’re sown they’ll burst into growth with increased vigour!PLUS: 60 Flower Plants worth £p14.99 – fill your beds, borders and containers with a riot of colour this summer. Contains 3 of our most popular varieties: 20 Geranium, 20 Begonia & 20 Petunia.Varieties will be individually labelled.. . Full growing instructions plus a handy planting plan included.. . . .

Currant Plants Twin Pack

Currant Plants Twin Pack £24.90
SAVE £5.00 on this Twin Pack containing 2 plants (1 of each variety):Blackcurrant Noiroma – Boasts such a high sugar content that it can be enjoyed fresh, as a dessert fruit! Plus it’s one of the largest fruited blackcurrants available, and so easy to pick! Pick from mid June through to July. Supplied in a 13cm pot.Redcurrant Lisette – Will produce a bountiful crop of large yet compact bunches of currants. The currants themselves are large and fleshy with smaller seeds, and a delicious flavour – a delight for summer desserts & jams! Ready to pick from early July. Supplied in a 13cm pot.. Pack of 2 Plants (1 of each variety) – SAVE £5.00!. Full growing instructions included.. . . .

Scented English Garden Collection

Scented English Garden Collection £14.99
Capture the essence of an English garden with these beautifully scented varieties, which will delight you with their delicious fragrance. Collection contains 12 plants (4 of each variety):Sweet Pea Supremo Mix – Sweet peas demand to be picked and are ideal for growing up a wigwam of canes or against a wall or fence. Flowers June-September. Height 1.8m (6′).Pinks Candy Floss – One of the most sweetly scented of all pinks, with good strong stems that make them ideal for cutting. Flowers June-September. Height 20-25cm (8-10″).Lavender Munstead – Dense spikes of fragrant, bluish-purple flowers above slender, aromatic, grey-green leaves. Ideal for edging. Flowers July-September. Height 45cm (18″).. Pack of 12 Pot Ready Plants (4 of each variety). Full growing instructions included.. . . .

Beginner's Plant Collection

Beginner’s Plant Collection £14.99
SAVE £6.98 on this Collection containing 60 plants (20 of each variety):Geranium Suttons Select Mix – Early to flower, with a compact and bushy growth habit, this superb geranium comes in a host of colours, many with attractively zoned foliage. Height 35cm (14″); spacing 30cm (12″). Prefers full sun.Petunia F1 Suttons Select Mix – A superb, weather-resistant, multiflora (“many-flowered”) petunia, in a wide range of colours, which will spread to produce a carpet of flowers. Height 23-30cm (9-12″); spacing 30cm (12″). Ideal for hanging baskets. Prefers full sun.Begonia F1 President Mix – Compact plants that will bloom prolifically all summer long, and continue right up to the first frosts, even in a shady spot. Height 20cm (8″); spacing 20cm (8″). Ideal for hanging baskets. Prefers full sun or partial shade.. Pack of 60 Easiplants (20 of each variety) – SAVE £6.98!. Full growing instructions included.. . . . Ideal for beds and borders, patio pots and containers.

Echinacea Milkshake

Echinacea Milkshake £14.99
This outstanding double-flowered, creamy-white ‘coneflower’ makes an impressive clump! (Remove dead flowers to encourage more.) Height 60-80cm (24-32″).. Pack of 3 Pot Ready Plants. Full growing instructions included.. June-October. 61-70CM. . Ideal for beds and borders. Suitable as cut flowers. Prefers full sun.

This well known perennial commonly known as a ‘Red Hot Poker’ will brighten any border. The flowers are orange-red in hue, turning yellow as they open. Height 75cm (30″).. Pack of 3 Potted Plants. Full growing instructions included.. July-August. 71-80CM. . Ideal for beds and borders, patio pots and containers. Prefers full sun.

Summer wouldn’t be the same without bees and butterflies sauntering about the garden. Why not grow a few of the plants that they love most! Collection contains 3 plants (1 of each variety):Agastache Black Adder – An impressive variety that will delight you with its tall, bottle brush-like spikes of aniseed-scented blooms. Flowers July-October. Height 70-120cm (2¼-4′).Verbena bonariensis Lollipop – Clusters of lavender flowers on low-growing plants. It’s low maintenance, drought-tolerant and blooms for ages. Flowers June-November. Height 60cm (24″).Monarda Cranberry Lace – A fully hardy, dwarf variety boasting aromatic foliage and crown-shaped, rose-pink blooms. Flowers July-September. Height 30cm (12″).. Pack of 3 Potted Plants (1 of each variety). Full growing instructions included.. . . . Ideal for beds and borders, patio pots and containers. Suitable as cut flowers. Prefers full sun.