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Colourful plants in February

by Sarah - February 8th, 2011.
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Festival grass plantFestival™ Burgundy is one of the few plants that looks wonderful at this time of year.

It is now available from garden centres and DIY stores across the UK.
Festival™ Burgundy is a bold coloured plant that you’ll enjoy having in your garden for the amazing colour it’ll give you even on a dark winter’s day!

This plant is available from Tesselaar International is a vibrant plant that is low-maintenance and performs well as a patio plant in summer. It can also be positioned inside in any well-lit area. The Festival™ Burgundy works well in boarders as it has great structure.

Easy to grow

Indigenous to Australia, New Zealand and the western Pacific Region, Festival Burgundy is a Cordyline species. It is easy to grow, happy in free-draining soil, a pot or a planter without the need for messy or expensive fertilisers. It can thrive in full or partial sun and will even survive light-to-moderate frost. Rarely susceptible to disease or pests, Festival Burgundy will require very little tending. When mature, Festival Burgundy spreads to 120cm and never grows more than 100cm in height, so won’t unexpectedly take over your garden or suddenly require excessive maintenance.

For harder frosts you might have to bubble wrap it as you would other plants.