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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - February 19th, 2011.
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Reduced price on products today at GreenFingers

Citronella Coils

Citronella Coils was £6.00 now £4.99
Citronella coils smell pleasant and are commonly used outside during the evening to ward off mosquitos and other insects. This pack of 10 coils is supplied in a stylish metal case to burn them in. Each coil provides 6-10 hours burning time.

Cast Iron Flower Pot Holder

Cast Iron Flower Pot Holder was £9.00 now £7.49
This cast iron pot holder looks great against any style of wall and they look very effective in pairs. This holder has a lovely square wrought design which attaches to the wall. 19cm square back plate with 11cm diameter ring.

Bee Friendly Wasp Trap

Bee Friendly Wasp Trap was £9.00 now £7.99
Bees are gentle creatures that pollinate flowers and should be every gardener’s friend. This traditional blown glass trap kills wasps without harming our bumbling pals. Just fill with beer – or any sugary drink – and hang. Bees are unable to fly directly upwards and so won’t get trapped.15cm dia. x 20cm

Slug Trap Snail

Slug Trap Snail was £8.99 now £7.99
Simply add some beer or cider to this ornamental snail slug trap and your slug problems will be over! 9cm in height.

Weed Brush

Weed Brush was £14.99 now £11.99
Remove weeds effortlessly neaten up your patio or garden path and keep cracks between paving free of moss and weed with this Weed Brush. Made from ash and wire this is ideal for anywhere your broom or gardening tools won

Solar Utility Light

Solar Utility Light was £24.99 now £19.99
The Solar Utility Light has a powerful 0.6 solar panel which charges the high capacity battery during the day all you do is position the solar panel south. The solar light will switch on when motion is detected within a 2m to 4m radius; the light will then turn itself off within 25 seconds after the motion has stopped.This solar light can also be used inside your shed simply place the solar panel outside on top of your shed when you enter the light will come on and will switch off 25 seconds after you leave. This product is weather resistant and a great security light for those dark nights.Key FeaturesWill light for 16 hours once fully chargedWill light for 25 seconds once motion is detected15 Super bright LEDs 9000MCD 0.6W Polycrystalline solar panel Rechargeable batteriesPIR detection range 2m to 4m4.8m of cable between solar panel and lightTechnical SpecificationsSolar cell type

Cast Iron Arched Planter

Cast Iron Arched Planter was £29.00 now £24.99
We think this planter is a particularly distinctive and attractive design that can be used indoors or out. Formed in cast iron for strength and long life. Simple self assembly. 28 x 18 x 46cm. Weight 4kg

Wooden Bird Table on Pole with Galvanised Roof

Wooden Bird Table on Pole with Galvanised Roof was £29.00 now £26.99
Impress the birds in your garden with this easy to use bird table. Simply pick your desired location and stake into the ground. Before your eyes you have a beautiful sturdy and safe environment for your garden birds. Wood stake and house with a galvanised roof. 28×27.5 x120cm high.

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