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by Sarah - February 21st, 2011.
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New products added today at Thompson & Morgan

Campanula cashmeriana - 1 packet (100 seeds)

Campanula cashmeriana – 1 packet (100 seeds) £0.69
A charming plant from Afghanistan and Kashmir, ideal for baskets, containers and the rock garden. Although compact, its semi-trailing habit lends itself to all of these uses. Soft grey-green foliage with a profusion of lilac-blue bell shaped flowers, over a long period. Because of its attractive foliage, the plant looks good, even out of flower. Sow early to achieve flowering the same year, in which case it may be used as an annual and then transplanted to the border or rockery to continue growing. Flowers summer. Height 15cm (6in) semi-trailing.

Coriander - Organic - 1 packet (150 seeds)

Coriander – Organic – 1 packet (150 seeds) £0.69
A quick growing, dual purpose annual herb that is grown for its seeds or fresh young leaves. Coriander seeds are delicious in cakes, and when crushed add an orangey flavour to meat dishes. The young leaves of coriander (often called ‘Cilantro’) can be finely chopped and added to curies, sauces, chutneys and salads. Height: 60cm (24”). Spread: 25cm (10”).

Celery 'Tango' F1 Hybrid - 1 packet (150 seeds)

Celery ‘Tango’ F1 Hybrid – 1 packet (150 seeds) £0.69
A self-blanching variety with beautiful apple-green, smooth stems with good flavour and texture for that all important celery crunch. Celery Tango has good bolting resistance and stands well during hot weather for reliable crops.

Beetroot 'Boro' F1 Hybrid (Organic) - 1 packet (200 seeds)

Beetroot ‘Boro’ F1 Hybrid (Organic) – 1 packet (200 seeds) £0.69
A strong, healthy beetroot with smooth-skinned, dark red roots and quality foliage. Can be used as ‘baby beets’ or larger mature roots. Stand well in condition through the summer. Later sown beets also store well, keeping their flavour right into the winter.Beetroot Boro F1 has been bred to give increased Hybrid vigour, garden performance and flavour, thus increasing your harvest. Due to their wide ranging pest and disease resistance, there will be no need for the use of chemicals.

Gaillardia pulchella Sundance - 1 packet (100 seeds)

Gaillardia pulchella Sundance – 1 packet (100 seeds) £0.69
A truly outstanding annual*. Bushy, free flowering plants smothered in masses of attractive, double, bicoloured blooms of fiery red and orange. This superb All America Selections Winner, is at home in borders or bedding displays. *Sow in Jan-Feb for flowering late July onwards.

Cucumber 'Picolino' F1 Hybrid (Organic) - 1 packet (4 seeds)

Cucumber ‘Picolino’ F1 Hybrid (Organic) – 1 packet (4 seeds) £0.69
Crisp, juicy half length ‘mini cues’ ideal for slicing and used up in one meal with no waste. Cucumber Picolino is all-female flowering so produces many fruits and requires regularly harvesting to maintain production. Cucumber Picolino has good powdery and downy mildew resistance.

Crepis rubra Snow White - 1 packet (500 seeds)

Crepis rubra Snow White – 1 packet (500 seeds) £0.69
Delicate pure white blooms, making an attractive companion for her pink sister. Easy to grow in sunny borders. Height: 30-40cm (12-16in).

Cerinthe minor aurea Bouquet Gold - 1 packet (10 seeds)

Cerinthe minor aurea Bouquet Gold – 1 packet (10 seeds) £0.69
Delightful, rich golden flowers grace the ends of attractive green bracts over white spotted foliage. The stems form in clusters, creating a compact dwarf habit. Ideal for the border or containers.

Aquilegia flabellata var pumila kurilensis Rosea - 1 packet (30 seeds)

Aquilegia flabellata var pumila kurilensis Rosea – 1 packet (30 seeds) £0.69
Extremely dwarf plants with attractive, nodding, rose-pink and cream flowers against unusual blue-green, fan shaped foliage. Ideal for planting at the front of borders or in containers and rock gardens. Height: 15-20cm (6-8 inches).

Oenothera versicolor 'Sunset Boulevard' - 1 packet

Oenothera versicolor ‘Sunset Boulevard’ – 1 packet £0.69
Well branched plants, red stemmed with rich green, lanceolate foliage. The striking flowers are in whorls, vivid orange/red when fully open and when over, turn to red. Like many Oenotheras, the combination of open and spent bloom together, is stunning. This very choice plant makes a wonderful addition to the perennial border and because it flowers in its first year from sowing, it also makes an attractive annual.