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New products at Harrod Horticultural

by John - February 22nd, 2011.
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Harrod Horticultural just added these new products

Mighty Mite -

Mighty Mite – £9.95
Mighty Mite is a real greenhouse compost heap and even chicken coup superhero ridding your garden soil of bag guys such as small vine weevil larvae cutworms fungus gnats (aka sciarid flies) springtails caterpillars and the maggots of many pesky flies too! Mighty Mite’s alter-ego is Phoretic mite a ravenous soil-dwelling predatory mite which reproduces rapidly and feeds on the above menu making it an ideal natural ally for gardeners. Mighty mite will happily devour sciarid fly larvae in greenhouse compost and soil; it’s happy to live in beds and borders outside and will also help rid the compost heap of springtails and fly maggots – and when the compost is spread around the garden Mighty Mite goes too! This naturally occuring pest control solution is available in 500g shaker bottles each of which will cover around 2m² and if you keep poultry you’ll be pleased to hear that Mighty Mite wil feed on housefly larvae in chicken manure keeping your chicken coup and house free from this annoying pest!

Mole Smoke -

Mole Smoke – £4.95
The Mole Smoke is a completely natural and harmless method of driving moles from their tunnel system which more often than not is right in the middle of your perfectly manicured lawn! This simple to use smoke deterrent relies on natural castor oil which lines the walls of the moles’ tunnels giving worms an throughly unpalatable castor oil tate and sends the mole off to pastures new in search of food completely unharmed. Each 27g smoke will treat 3 mole hills; just locate the tunnel system by digging into a molehill light the Mole Smoke place into the tunnel and cover over the hole. No trapping no baiting and no more moles!