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New products at GreenFingers

by John - February 23rd, 2011.
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New lines at GreenFingers

Grooved Weed Knife

Grooved Weed Knife £0.99
This Grooved Weed Knife is cleverly designed to remove all weeds and moss with ease from crevices in your garden paths or patio paving slabs. It has a short easy-grip handle and the shape of the knife enables it to get right down to hook out all of those unsightly weeds.Dimensions: 20cm long Knife head: 7.5 x 2cm

Orbit 7 Pattern Spray Gun

Orbit 7 Pattern Spray Gun £5.99
This Orbit 7 Pattern Spray Gun is a multifunction spray gun that is ideal for all your watering needs in the garden. Have fun watering your flowers and grass with the different settings. Perfect for washing the car too! Soft dial turret guardContoured grip for comfort Integrated 12mm male hose connectorFor use with cold water only7 patterns for individual watering needs – full mist jet shower flat centre and coneDimensions: 16cm long x 10.5 wide Turret head: 5.5cm

Grilletto Son of Hibachi BBQ Grill

Grilletto Son of Hibachi BBQ Grill £78.99
Meet the most amazing portable barbeque around that when you are finished cooking you simply fold it up and it burns itself out. The Grilletto has a fast heating blast furnace concept that means you are ready to cook in less than ten minutes which also ensures consistent heat under the grills. With a massive cooking surface and convertible roasting oven this fantastic barbeque will have you showing off your culinary skills. With two height adjustable double cast iron grilling surfaces you will be cooking everything from hamburgers to a full Sunday roast.After barbecuing fold up the Grilletto and tap the two sides together so the ashes fall into the ash drawer. Then slide the damper on while it is still hot! Your Griletto will be clean for the next use as the heat also helps remove the grease and scraps off the grills. After two minutes place your barbecue into your Snuff out Pouch

Men's Hide Rigger Glove - Medium

Men’s Hide Rigger Glove – Medium £1.99
Men’s Hide Rigger Gloves that are ideal for those heavy-duty tasks in the garden. Made from durable soft hide on the palm fingertips and knuckle strap with green cotton drill backing these gloves also have a stiff safety cuff for added wrist protection. Size: Medium

Ladies Garden Glove - Vinyl Cotton

Ladies Garden Glove – Vinyl Cotton £1.99
Protect your hands in these lightweight Ladies Garden Gloves which are made from vinyl protected cotton to help your grip. Perfect for all those small jobs around the garden. Colour: Yellow and greenSize: Medium

Aerator Sandals

Aerator Sandals £5.99
Strap these Aerator Sandals over your own shoes or boots and gently stroll across your lawn using your body weight to drive holes into the soil. An easy cost effective way to aerate your grass that will be entertaining for your family and friends to watch as well.Compacted soil cannot allow the flow of oxygen that the roots of your lawn need if they are to flourish and produce healthy green leaves ofgrass. The metal spikes in the soles of the sandals open air passages in compacted soil to help get water air and nutrients down to the roots which helps to improve not only the drainage but also the condition of your lawn.The sandals are made of durable rigid green plastic with a total of 26 hardened spikes enabling you to help your lawn breathe without trampling the grass. They also incorporate heel supports and alternative strap positions. Includes:4 adjustable nylon straps26 spikes26 nuts and bolts1 wrenchInstruction sheetDimensions: 30cm long x 13.5cm wide Rear heel support: 3.5cm highSpikes: 5cm long

Aromatic Oils and Vinegar Box

Aromatic Oils and Vinegar Box £19.99
This Aromatic Oils and Vinegar Box is all you need to create delicious marinades for your dishes. Includes:2 bottles with easy to pour spouts for your oils and vinegarsGrow-your-own basil and thyme seeds to flavour your preparations2 plant markers to record any essential gardening notesA hints and tips booklet Useful simple to follow recipes This is a wonderful gift idea or treat for you and your family.7 x 7 x 18.5cm high Height including spout: 22-24cm

Car Windscreen Ice Cover

Car Windscreen Ice Cover £1.99
Use this Car Windscreen Ice Cover to save your time on cold winter mornings. No more having to scrape off frost ice or snow! Simply fit the windscreen cover at night and remove in the morning. Handily it can also be used on hot summer days by turning it over to utilise the silver side for sun reflection. Great all year round weather protection.DurableWaterproofWashableDimensions: 0.66m x 1.83m

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