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New products at Unwins Seeds and Plants

by Sarah - February 24th, 2011.
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New lines at Unwins Seeds & Plants

Potato Gro-Sack Taster Kit (3 x Varieties)

Potato Gro-Sack Taster Kit (3 x Varieties) £9.95
The Grow Anywhere Potato Grow Sack! Now with FREE Potato Fertiliser AND FREE Chitting Tray The perfect way to grow potatoes even if you have little space. What’s more for extra early crops start off in the warmth of a greenhouse and then transfer outside. Made to last from strong interwoven polypropylene with two carry-handles. The 12 drainage ports ensure ease of irrigation without risk of water logging. The Taster Gro-KitTM comprises of:  3 Potato Grow Sacks (40 Litre Capacity)  5 x Charlotte Seed Potatoes 5 x Duke of York Seed Potatoes 5 x Maris Peer Seed Potatoes 75g of Specialist Potato Fertiliser. Chitting Tray See how to grow potatoes in grow sacks here!

Potato Gro-Kit Taster Pack

Potato Gro-Kit Taster Pack £9.95
Each Kit contains: – 3 Potato Gro-SacksTM -5 x First Early Duke of York -5 x Salad Potato Charlotte -5 x Second Early Maris Peer – FREE Potato Fertiliser. – FREE Chitting Tray Grow Superb New Potatoes -For the earliest new potatoes start in greenhouse or conservatory before moving outdoors  -This ensures warmer soil for quicker development -Plant 5 tubers per Gro-SackTM on top of approximately 10cm   loamy soil or compost in the bottom of the sack -Then half-fill the Gro-SackTM with soil/compost -As foliage develops regularly add more soil compost to ‘earth up’ your crops -Water regularly but do not over water -Feed with liquid fertiliser once foliage develops As the weather becomes a bit warmer move the Gro-SackTM to an outdoor position using its two strong carrying handles. The Perfect Way to Grow Potatoes on: > Patios > Back Yards > Roof Terraces Each Potato Taster Gro-Kit comes with -5x First Early Duke of York- Makes a wonderful salad potato when harvested early and is excellent for roasting. Oval shape with firm yellow waxy flesh. -5x Salad Potato Charlotte-A favourite salad potato recommended by top chefs for its mouth-watering flavour! -5x Second Early Maris Peer-Remarkable purple scented flowers and superb flavour. The perfect Patio Potato. Growing Potatoes in Bags Tried and Tested For Success Did you know that a lot of people who grow potatoes for exhibition grow in bags rather than actually in the soil? They do this simply because the potatoes are less prone to disease as the growing medium is controlled. They can more easily monitor the watering and feeding and the potatoes have less blemishes and better skin quality

Dwarf Runner Bean Hestia Plants

Dwarf Runner Bean Hestia Plants £6.95
All the benefits of modern stringless beans but on dwarf bushy plants. The pods are held above the ground to avoid disease and remain clean. Suitable for growing in a container on a patio or growing in the flower border.