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New products at GreenFingers

by John - February 26th, 2011.
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GreenFingers has these new lines today

Handy Petrol Vacuum Shredder

Handy Petrol Vacuum Shredder £799.99
This Handy Petrol Vacuum Shredder has very powerful suction force which is wonderful for quick and easy collection of debris from lawns patios and other hard surfaces. It can be used to collect leaves grass clippings and even cans

Handy Salt Spreader - 56.8kg

Handy Salt Spreader – 56.8kg £349.99
This large area Salt Spreader from Handy is really great for salting paths drives and pavements but it can also be used for spreading ice melt sand and seed mulch. With a T-handle to push and move the spreader easily and a massive spread width from 3 to 3.6m this push spreader is just perfect for all of those large area spreading jobs in your garden or around your house. It also comes with a hopper screen cover and rain cover.The push spreader is made from durable polypropylene and is excellent for evenly spreading any large-sized granular material only. It has pneumatic wheels which enables it to cope with rough terrain and an adjustable feed/flow control. It has been specifically designed to be pushed at three miles per hour which is a brisk walking speed. Slower or faster speeds will change the spread patterns

Handy Eco Vac and Leaf Blower - 2500w Variable

Handy Eco Vac and Leaf Blower – 2500w Variable £44.99
Perfect for all your blowing vacuuming and shredding leaf tasks in the garden. This powerful Eco Vac and Leaf Blower from Handy has a variable speed option and is designed to move or collect small garden waste. It has a 40 litre collection bag a wheeled nozzle for easy use and it also compacts the garden debris. Plus the debris is reduced at a mulching ratio of 10:1 which produces material for faster composting and means you will not have to empty the bag so often.2500W blower/vacuum Speed: 6000-14000 minFitted with front wheel 10 metres cable length Shoulder strap includedWeight: 4.2kg

Handy Drop Spreader - 27.3kg

Handy Drop Spreader – 27.3kg £39.99
This Handy Drop Spreader is easy to use and ideal for lawn or garden areas up to 465 square metres. Unlike a rotary spreader it releases the grass seed as you push and control the spreaderto lay the seeds in a row the size of the spreader compartment. It also tends to be more manoeuvrable in tight awkward spaces. Excellent for spreading seed sand or fertiliser on your lawn.The best practice is to first run the spreader around the edge of the area you are treating to ensure a consistent application around the periphery. Then run the spreader back and forth within this area always allowing an overlap to avoid missed streaks. To get a good consistent coverage especially over uneven areas you might consider applying the material at half the recommended rate and then make two runs

Greenfingers Value Reed Garden Fencing - 1.5 x 4m

Greenfingers Value Reed Garden Fencing – 1.5 x 4m £14.99
Greenfingers Value Reed Garden Fencing helps to enhance your space as well as provide additional privacy. It makes the ideal decorative screen for your garden and is held together with plastic coated iron wire. This garden fencing can be attached to an existing fence relatively easily – simply nail clip or glue. Width: 4m Height: 1.5m

Handy Towed Dethatcher

Handy Towed Dethatcher £69.99
Does your lawn refuse to turn green? Overgrown thatch may be the cause. Bring colour and life back to your lawn with this Handy Towed Dethatcher. The 24 spring-loaded tines bring layers of thatch embedded within the lawn to the surface to help return and maintain your lawn

Handy Hollow Tine Aerator

Handy Hollow Tine Aerator £29.99
A brilliant Hollow Tine Aerator from Handy that also releases the soil plugs into its collection tray so there is no need for you to go around your garden picking them up. This aerator has been specially designed with 5 spring loaded hollow tines that remove up to 50mm plugs. The handle folds for easy storageOver time most lawns will become compacted which increases the likelihood of weeds moss or water-logging. Using the Handy hollow tine aerator on compacted or waterlogged lawns will improve the quality health strength and appearance of your lawn.

Greenfingers Value Reed Garden Fencing - 1 x 4m

Greenfingers Value Reed Garden Fencing – 1 x 4m £9.99
Greenfingers Value Reed Garden Fencing makes the ideal decorative screen for your garden helping enhance your space as well as provide additional privacy. This natural reed screening is secured with plastic coated iron wire and can be attached to an existing fence relatively easily – simply nail clip or glue. Width: 4m Height: 1m

Handy Wheelbarrow

Handy Wheelbarrow £39.99
This lightweight Handy Wheelbarrow is easy to manoeuvre and perfect for moving gardening essentials and plants around your garden. Made from galvanised steel with a centre mounted wheel and long easy-grip handles that makes it stable and easy to move.33cm diameter pneumatic wheel65 litre capacityPlease note that this item comes flat-packed for easy home assembly.

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